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It does seem a bit dead. VN's aren't the normal subject here, maybe it's just a matter of time, building a community up from nothing. I know that if I were to have trouble with my VN I wouldn't be posting here unless it was engine related.
Maus Merryjest
Maus Merryjest
I've been looking for help in hiring someone to develop a bit of extra functionality for the VN engine (a light RPG system so you can make games in the vein of Loren: Amazon Princess) but I haven't quite found someone interested in it.
There are bigger and older VN communities that are probably going to get more attention first. Plus I bet there are a lot of potential customers that are waiting on something like bug fixes or a sale or a non-Steam version.
Maus Merryjest
Maus Merryjest
That is true. Although I have played a good number of VNs, I never really hanged around the VN-centric communities, so I'm at a bit of a loss as to where to go. I'll have to up my research on that :)
Yeah, I can see why that would be hard. Even a light RPG system is likely to be a lot of work.

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