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All I have is a Land Line. $20 a month. $20 phone that's lasted about 8 years so far.

You may need a phone, but at least it's cheap!
Windows i7
Windows i7
If you can't afford a phone, you're definitely poor enough to require assistance. I pay $35 a month for my prepaid iPhone SE on StraightTalk (using Verizon towers). iOS sees it as TFW (TracFone Wireless)
Vincent Chu
Vincent Chu
At least you can still access the internet so you might not be that screwed.
The point is not that I can't afford a phone, you can buy one easily for $20. It's just that without a phone you're screwed nowadays.

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GameDevJohn wrote on whtdragon's profile.
Hey I used you bunny and cat spritesheet for a game jam game. Thanks so much! You have really beautiful stuff here. I'll credit you at https://gamedevjohn.itch.io/bunny-boy
The video of a psycho chasing people on the streets with a sword before getting subdued is wild. Apparent screenshots of his Twitter feed (EDIT: confirmed by Dallas police) before it went private reveal a dangerous delusional mindset. I heard there was a bow person too. The crazies are really coming out of the woodworks.
Stream will be live shortly with some Witcher 3, followed by a session of the Interactive Text Adventure! Feel free to drop by!
Managed to find a way to hang a bed cover over my window. So no more being toasted alive in the afternoon!:kaoswt2:
So, uh, has anyone tried buying any resources from KokoroReflections? Because I've been looking for a 'buy' button on the site for like 10 minutes now and can't find one.

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