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Are you sure about that? Care to explain? :p
@TheoAllen I got this from Long live the Queen :D Here's my favorite scene with emoji I'll probably spread it through multiple comments):
Elodie: Wait! We're civilised people here!
And if I have to die... I need to compose myself first :(
You have only one chance for this, one hope to touch the heart of the man beneath the monster.
You know so little about him, but he is a father who was once a musician. Music may reach him somewhere where nothing else can. And so, you begin your favorite song.

You were afraid that he'd be impatient and order you to stop, but for now he's listening :kaoswt2:
Togami: Pretty. What is it?
Elodie: Something my mom used to sing to me :(
She was the Queen. She was always so busy, but she loved me :(
When she had time to be with me, to hold me, to play and sing... I miss those moments ;_;
Togami: Are you CRYING? How pathetic -_-
Elodie: Don't you sing to your children? >:(
Togami: That is no business of yours.
Elodie: Isn't it?
If we fight - I defeat you somehow, then your children will miss those songs :(
Togami: Well then, perhaps you had better lose :p
Elodie: And what happens then? :(
Togami: What? -_-
Elodie: When you've killed me and taken my crystal... What do you do then? :(
You've come from nothing and made yourself a King, but that wasn't enough for you. >:( So you pushed the boundaries, conquered territories, came after Nova.
Elodie: After me, do you go home to your children? >:( Or do you go after ANOTHER crystal, ANOTHER domain? >:(>:(>:(
Togami: Be quiet -_- You know nothing the world.
Elodie: You HAVE the world! But if you're not happy, WHAT's the POINT? :o
From shocked murmurs on the part of Shanjian delegation, you can guess that no one has dared to talk to the King like this in a long, long time.
You hold your ground, meeting his eyes with yours - you're WILLING him to listen to you.
But it doesn't have to end like this :wub You and I - we can be friends. We could learn from each other :)
We could be part of something greater than ourselves. A new peace :):)
And you can sing to your children :p:)
Togami: I... have not sung for a very long time :wub
Elodie: I'll teach you my songs! ^_^
You hold your hand to him, open and empty.

Elodie: We can do this... Together ^_^

For a long moment, he stands frozen. Then at last, he sighs and places his hand in yours. And just like that, the war is over :D
Lol, an epic way to end war. :D
I know :D But in case someone doesn't see the thing, this is a better example of how emoji can turn something serious into something funny:
@EpicFILE: Shut up or I'll kill you.
@EpicFILE: Shut up or I'll kill you :D
As you can see, the first one sounds like a threat, the other one like a tease...

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