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Once I had a dream where I was in a city where everyone was kind to each other. And there was a holiday, gingerbread hearts everywhere... I even said in that dream that I didn't want to wake up... But in the end the alarm clock is merciless ;_;
I don't think I've had a dream like that before. I had bunch of scary dreams but, some of them are peaceful and nice. I like to have a good refreshing sleep with a peaceful dream, I wake up and feel so happy all day and night meow.
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starlight dream
starlight dream
Oh. That's a sweet dream. Alarm clocks are the enemy. I wish I had more pleasant ones like that one often.
'Dark have been my dreams of late' :(
I've had bad dreams when I knew I was dreaming and woke up before anything happened. I've had lucid dreams as well. Never long though. Once I saw a paper that told me to wake up. Once I got to say "This has to be a dream!" out of rage in the dream. Of course it was a dream. And I woke up upon the realization of it. I usually know that I am dreaming, although sometimes I have nightmares when I forget it.
starlight dream
starlight dream
I usually don't know if I'm sleeping while I am awake.

Can't say that I'm having nightmares but the atmosphere of the dreams is heavy, the spaces unpleasant, the people unfriendly. It's like meh.

I go to bed hoping I won't dream at all.

A paper that tells you to wake up is kind of Alice in Wonderland. ^.^

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