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And second: Does it matter whether or not you're playing as a human or a non-human? Does this change if you're playing as a girl or a guy? XD This seems silly but I'm researching this ahead of time.
Well, depends on the worldbuilding? If I met a huge snake that talks to me, I would call a psychiatrist to help me. But if it is common in my world or there are generally similar things, I would react different, depending on their reputation and commoness.
I would say, the only thing influencing the reaction is the commoness and reputation of that NPC's race and my own character (character, not gender or race, they would not matter at all).
Most the action I have planned for my game is cat based. Cats with some other creatures for some variety. Meow.

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Back in the old days, long before I was born, salted crisps - or potato chips, for you yanks - came unsalted and had a little pouch of salt to manually shake on it. Of course, things are more efficient now, but Walker's still brought back the old 'Salt 'N' Shake' style a couple years ago. Dunno why, but if I had to guess, I'd say it's because the nostalgia crowd were getting salty.
Guys I just want to sit around and work on my game! *gets lots and lots of money shoveled at him* Game, I don't recall a game. What game? :LZSexcite:
Seems like people have stopped looking both ways before crossing the road nowadays. Blindly walking out into a into a road only ends in disaster.
Just finished planning out the skeleton of the main quest line of my new game. I'm so excited for it!
Integrating Jason Perry's japan tile set while listening to Murray Atkinson's Heaven and Earth background music.

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