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I haven't been this scared in a long time
And I'm so unprepared so here's your valentine
Bouquet of clumsy words, a simple melody
This world's an ugly place, but you're so beautiful to me
starlight dream
starlight dream
:kaoluv: you slimm! And much love for all your contributions to this community and your cheery spirits!^^

@Stanley Luv you everyday!
@starlight dream was thinking of posting this song to your timeline cus you and Googoo are the friendliest non-mod females here but i already made two profile posts so i posted this one here stead :P luv u more than i luv my horlicks :3
starlight dream
starlight dream
@Stanley Aw it's alright dear friend, we can all share the valentine song! And thanks for your (always) kind words.
I like how you put mod-females in a category of their own :p Nobody can compete with them.
Aannnnd I got friendzoned agaainnn x3 haha jk, no hard feelings I got what u meant :p
However I do think u and googoo (@Guiguimu) could be a mod ;)
Awh, thanks for the poem/song @Stanley . (Why is everyone such a great poet around me xD?)
@starlight dream <3 <3 You're so sweet as always :wub
starlight dream
starlight dream
@Stanley LOL Hey, friends can make good couples too :p Who else would put up with my rpgmweb addiction?

If I was a mod, I'd post warnings to myself: Starlight Dream, please stay on topic.

@slimmmeiske2 It's true... the rhymes are invading me...

Roses are red
Your hoodie is too
The bad wolf is dead
And @Stanley loves you <3

Hmmm no, I'm still a cheesy poet around you! :p

Lemme try conjuring a cheesier one :P

Sadly roses are full of thorns
Why I wished I was never born
I'd sing for @slimmmeiske2 for her heart to be won
But guess I'm too occupied with @starlight dream 's mounts

Wait...that is...sexier than it is cheesier, damn what got over me haha xP
The Mighty Palm
The Mighty Palm
Roses are red, Im a crap poet, happy late valentines, Baa Im a Goet
starlight dream
starlight dream
Hahahaha OMGoet.

@Stanley I... I.... uhhh... errrr... th.. thank youuu... I... ok.... mountain sights.

Roses smell nice
But I won't pay their price
I'm single oh no
What rhymes with pizza?
@starlight dream haha okay ill stop with this silly teasing if it makes you uncomfy xSS

Sugar and spice
and everything nice
what makes pizza nice
is when we break the ice

Roses sure nice
I can pay for you the price
I'd hit on you moreso
dunno what rhymes with pizza

haha i know, crappy x3

@The Mighty Palm

Valentine this times
ain't for you
what is @starlight dream 's pizza's rhymes
get over the flu
Awww someone compose music for that song!
Romantic poetry, huh? It's been a long while since I've written any poetry. Might be extremely rusty nowadays.
Tea's Jams
Tea's Jams
What a great day,
I feel my heart race
I'm in a happy way,
I really like your face!!!!
Tea's Jams
So sorry my IRL singnificant other/love interest (SOLI) kinda made me forget to... wish you that Belated Happy Valentine Day!
starlight dream
starlight dream
@Marquise* That's a good reason to forget us!
A song of this, you say? There's a composer among us.. Careful..O.o

Aw I like that you're teasing
It's not like you're sneezing
On my pizza again
The flu is a topping
I don't enjoy gulping
With my pizza Italienne
@just1witness is smiling
Because she's admiring
Your pretty face
It's time for a group hug
And feeling the love bug
For a good pizza place..<3

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