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I mean, the truth is, if you don't understand the language being spoken, and understand it well enough to know how intonation and stuff works, you literally can't tell if the voice actor is bad or not.

So a line could be terrible, and being delivered terribly, but you would have no idea because you don't know what it should sound like.
starlight dream
starlight dream
When I watch French films with Eng. subs or vice versa, I realize how bad the translation is. It's a humorous passtime to watch them.

When I don't know the spoken language I assume every nonsensical line was lost in translation too.
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grief... lol... I keep seeing request for MZ versions of MV plugins. this is why I haven't moved over and just MZ for my MV project.
Egg-sitting minigame is coming along nicely. Are you a bad enough dino to keep all these raptor eggs warm?

I forgot to post the animated version of the previous map I was working on. I'm still arguing with myself on if I like the stark blue ground better than the undergrowth ground used on the waterfall map. Hmm...
now that fmod is free for indie(<200k revenue), it would be interesting to see someone add fmod support for rpg maker
Can't say I can't promise progress on a project just yet. But I can say I had fun databasing tonight. :)

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