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I dumped skype a long time ago. It isn't that useful to me since I don't do video calls anyway (back when I worked as a representative we used our own proprietary video call software).
@VertigoAffliction I wasn't intending to do voice or video calls, it has a chat box function which is what I use primarily. It's a good way to message people without needing them on your Facebook account or something ^_^
The Stranger
The Stranger
I'd love to chat with you, but I don't use Skype. :( I have an account, but I haven't logged in for a very long time. Then Microsoft did all that whacky intergration nonsense, and now I dislike it even more. If you have Steam you can add me. I use that as an IM social thing.
no worries, let me know your ID and I'll add you on steam. ^_^
I still have Skype but I hardly use it, I feel more comfortable with Discord (I have Steam account but I haven't used chat system... Heck, I didn't even know it has a chat system! xD)

Just to be clear, I'm interested :)
Sure, feel free to add me on Skype: Lord Milennin. Yeah, I'm not comfortable doing voice chat with strangers, but text would be just fine.
I don't use Skype much anymore (my old account was hacked), but I'd be more than happy to chat on Skype, Steam or Discord. =)

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Writes that the characters have to climb a mountain.

Realized that I have to draw six sets of models where characters are climbing.

At least I know how to draw something. :)
I'm currently scratching my head on how to design plains. What do I even put in plains? Some trees (but not too many or it turns into a forest)? Grass? A few bushes? That's a bit dull.
I'm looking for tutorials but Google didn't seem to find much (or maybe I have the wrong keywords). I don't know how to map plains and I don't know how to learn.
I should probably be dragged kicking and screaming away from Daz3D... I was playing with 8.1 models and came up with this. Thoughts?
If you're an artist of illustrations, you're doing fine.
If you're an artist of writing, you're doing fine.
If you're an artist of programming, you're doing fine.
But if you are all three above (and more) you cannot allow any distractions in your life.

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