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Traveling Bard
Traveling Bard
I say we advocate for a three day weekend every week.
Vincent Chu
Vincent Chu
Monday is often the only day off for people working in takeaways due to it being the quietest day of the week though.
The Mighty Palm
The Mighty Palm
That would be some Ancient Roman or Greek most likely. So luckily for you, they're dead.

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not me being not lazy for 5 seconds and drawing another char portrait (her name is hazel)
Been a while since the last time I made a song remix. Had a blast making this
One thing those jp developer still get wrong about boob physic is that... men's muscly hard pecs can jiggle too.
Definitely glad I haven't released a few of my plugins that are technically done. As I learn more, I find ways to make my code more efficient, and in one case so far, discovered an existing function that did EXACTLY what I created my own function to do.
So I was kinda recommended a manga to learn a few drawing tips, I dunno if it will actually work, but I'm liking the story lol

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