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Snow White
Snow White
(I'm now very glad I decided against changing mine to Soren :p )

Also, that "friendship" makes it both a lot cheesier and more lovely :wub
starlight dream
starlight dream
I wish I saw the cartoon double take!! XD

Did you want to use the real Soren or the impostor? o_O

Birds are my friends... And I love cheese even in virtual-insult form Hahahah
Snow White
Snow White
I wish you could have seen it too, it was a proper Bill & Ted job XD

And the real Soren of course!! You know, the five foot tall ball of grumpy :p

Also would it fit my username a bit too much if I said I love birds too? :wub
. . . And I didn't really mean cheesy as an insult :) (heck, I'm as schmaltzy as they come :D)

It's always nice to see Yune :) (And Micaiah too I guess :p)

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