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Hopefully :wink:
starlight dream
Parallax Panda
Parallax Panda
I'm going to be the pessimist here and say... maybe. Reason being, I ask myself that question every day and so far the answer has been "no, not yet anyway", but neither you or I are dead in the grave so there is still time to change. Question is, will we be able to change? And the answer to that is... maybe.
Yeah. I've been on this road since RM2k. While I still enjoy rpg making I really want to see a project taking life. Sometimes is hard to keep the motivation or stay on the scope =p
Parallax Panda
Parallax Panda
I know exactly what you mean. It wasn't that long ago that I posted a status update myself expressing my agony over not being able to finish anything, and the need I had for choosing and prioritizing between my many hobbies. I'm still in the middle of that, and I'm not sure if RM can continue being a priority for me. If I don't finish any projects, it probably can't.
Do it, finish it! I used to think this way, but you know how it's really satisfying to have a complete project even it just a small one. Idc what ppl say, even if it's a small, it's my masterpiece and im proud of it

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Added a small refining scene to my game.

It makes sense that you try to focus on the squishy mages at the back of the party first, right? If the mage can out-DPS the enemy DPS before the latter can kill the tank in front, the fight becomes boring.
finally got footage of my main character running around the main hub world. I've fixed a few things tho even since this video unsurprisingly lol.
 …I think I might need to switch from standard ATK/DEF up/down buffs to parameter altering states. I just had an actor whose usual attack against an enemy does ~25 do a buffed attack against a debuffed enemy for ~600…
just saw that titan quest is free on steam until the 23rd

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