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The Stranger
The Stranger
I really like Rook Tower. I also like all of the neat little graphical effects in your game. DeMewer is adorable. <3
I'm impressed! The amount of work you put into your game! It looks awesome!
Thanks Stranger, Guiguimu. I have more vids that I linked to my steam profile under Iguanaguy too. They are public view as well. By the way - DeMewer is one of three catgirls and is the quiet, composed bookworm of the three, hence the director's choice to bring her to the tower vs the other two. In the full game their "catty" characters will open up as the story and missions progress.

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I can't believe that after all those years, KH Union X Dark Road is closing the services.

Due to a situation in which I thought plugin adaptations had stopped for the QPlugins, I "ghetto" converted these 7 over yesterday. They appear to work perfectly as long as you use old style plugin commands. I am uncertain if I will have a lot of free time in the future to work on this, but if you'd like them, here they are.
Was there a thread that you could share a screenshot of your game? I feel like I found it once but can't locate it again.

I was being lazy and just copied a map to test a new parallax, but I forgot to delete all the events. This was the result. :o
just finished a bunch of art commissions! im really grateful for this community- people have helped me out so much here- so im just trying to return the favor the only way i know how! :0)

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