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starlight dream
starlight dream
Some thoughts as I escape:
1. Glad to be back in art class. It's distracting and relaxing.
2. Calamito is doing well for himself. Can his misadventure have a happy ending?
3. Eyeing FSM on sale. Maybe this time.
4. @Sauteed_Onion Thanks for the laughs
5. Where do all the dreams go?
6. Loneliness
7. I'll never be ready to say goodbye...

ps @The Stranger :kaohi: Have a good day^^
With so many restless thoughts like that, I wonder, how do you sleep? X)
The Stranger
The Stranger
@starlight dream Silly goose. Dreams go back to the land of cotton candy and snuggle bunnies. ^.^

Missing you already, lil' paw.

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