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Just needs a male counterpart. I'm so OCD like that.
The Stranger
The Stranger
Yeah, there are two minor things I dislike about it: how the hair (the face graphic stuff) looks when paired with RTP hair styles, and how changing the colours of certain clothes makes them look strange. Like I said, it's pretty minor stuff. I really hope we see more generator packs in the future.

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Apparently MZ lets you preview move routes in the move route editor without having to start up test game. That could save a lot of time during development compared to MV, especially for a long game that uses a lot of event movement for cutscenes.
A repost of an old meme I had made, now with music

I have a really hard time keeping all these goodies secret til December... but I swear, it is worth the wait!
Working on a Premium version of my minimap plugin that will have advanced functionalities such as drawing a Terrain map based completely on the users tilesets, whatever they may be, and drawing minimap radar icons automatically based on texture of the event the note is applied to.

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