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  1. Guiguimu
    Exactly ^^
    May 30, 2018
  2. Milennin
    Best way to get rid of that is by telling yourself to make a game purely out of RTP (and then stick to that, lol). After finishing it, you can always come back to it and make custom art for it, but at least you'll have a finished game...
    May 30, 2018
  3. evmaster
    @Milennin So you are saying make the game out of the RPG maker resources and replace it all with your custom art later?
    May 30, 2018
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  4. RachelTheSeeker
    @Milennin: Pretty much! Prototyping is a thing I need to do more, lawl. :p Besides, the RTP usually works pretty well too. It's not always everyone's liking, but beats having to make/find/buy all my own assets before I can begin...
    May 30, 2018
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  5. Sauteed_Onion
    Just let your dialogue and ideas guide the tile placing. I've gone back and redone a few places as I got new tile sets to work with. As I go forward when I get a few bucks put aside, I get music packs or commission a battler or whatever here and there. It's hard work, but I love what I'm doing. Meow.
    May 31, 2018
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