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Alexander Hawksmoor
Alexander Hawksmoor
We all have bad days and sometimes say or do things we didn't mean to do, in the end, we're human, and everything always ends up working out in the end :)
The Mighty Palm
The Mighty Palm
My therapist says: If it isnt going to matter in five years, dont worry about it for more than five minutes.
starlight dream
starlight dream
Seeing you post here over time, it's obvious you're a sensible person who is helpful and funny.
But your interactions don't rely entirely on you.
And we all have days where we're less patient or not on top of things. Gotta cut yourself some slack and hope that even the screw ups can bring some useful results. Huggles! And do something you enjoy, bad days love that! :)
Don't mind it! I'm sure we notice our own screw-ups way more than everyone else does. I still facepalm at things I said like five years ago but I couldn't tell you about anything embarassing my friends have done cause I can't remember.

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