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If the universe is so big then why won't it fight me?
Does anyone know the name of the game where you play as someone called the batter? I can't remember the name of the game...
Got my R-Tree working /o/

Also here's what it looks like in memory (kind of):

The label on the nodes is the bounding box for all the objects it contains (in this case, the rectangles that make up the walls on the room).
"He, who wields the Excaliburn, will shine brighter than the sun itself, only his will can light up the flames of life"

That awkward moment when you can't tell if your game's bosses are too easy, or if you're too good at your own game >.>
Now I find myself wanting to buff my boss battles so I have a challenge for myself...but I do believe that's going to be too much for players haha!

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