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Golden Unicorn Gaming
Golden Unicorn Gaming
From where to where?
From the increasingly expensive state of California to mid Michigan, near where I was born. It will be nice to live near family again, and I’ve missed having seasons.
Golden Unicorn Gaming
Golden Unicorn Gaming
Is the retire thing a joke or serious? If so, CONGRATS!! (can't make that letter sizing big enough LOL)
starlight dream
starlight dream
Congrats! And have a wonderful retirement too.^.^b
Retirement is serious. I’m older than you think, though I am getting to retire fairly young. I’m looking forward to it. I’m so burned out.

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I just lost an hour plus of time to trying to modify the _battlefield sprite... when in reality MZ calls it _battleField ;_;

Even when debugging for the "undefined value", it looked exactly the same to my 20/60 eyesight.

I really prefer this_naming_convention rather than thisNamingConvention !!
hmm... I just solved one of the more annoying sideview battler problems in MV.. Passive States and Visual States can make it so when your character is in crisis HP, they don't go back to normal walk/wait when it's their turn. they stay in the crisis motion... neat.
Apparently all of LGBT reddit hates me. I posted a simple question and only got hate mail. What's the deal? The doompost was literally 6 months ago and I've changed my views since then and apologized.
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Amazing. Simply amazing...

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