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Yeah. The grammar is so bad, it's a chore to even read it.
It's hard for japanese to write in english properly.
It's hard for me to write in english properly.
It's hard for americans to write in english properly.
I gave on Square like a decade ago. Well, whenever XIII came out. I gave XIV a spin, but didn't like the thonged bikini women so much and put that away. Really I don't know who SE is trying to appeal to anymore, it's like they got this idea that if they make games for the new political fad groupees, then they will sustain themselves a place in the future?
Really kind of think just about everything coming from the big companies is trash garbage these days. The whole 'grim dark cause grim dark' movement needs to go also. Anti-heroes and guys with the gritty I seen to much voice, that's gotta change to something else. I think more fondly of SNES titles than I think of anything I've seen put out in like 10 years.

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Make a Game in RMMZ Streams are going to remain in hiatus this week. Too much to do! 4 things will be announced on Monday though! Look forward to that.
Typed a long-ish reply to a post... forgot to actually HIT the post button, and moved to a different page.... finally noticed, don't remember what all I had typed and don't feel like trying to re-type it all.... smh....
Their tactics are evolving. They've learned to call for help when cornered. Never trust a mammal!
Good morning all. I still have a post up on video editing for cinematic trailers. Please make sure to check that out and give me a message as its still active in offers.
Hey everyone! I'm back :D

Snow White? More like Snowhere to be seen amiright? Hahaha I'm so sorry!! :kaocry:

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