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Philosophus Vagus
Philosophus Vagus
Surgery is always unfortunate but gallbladder removal is about as safe a surgery as you can have. All they do is make a couple of inch-wide incisions, quick snip and stitch. Recovery is usually nothing too, feel like you've been repeatedly punched in the gut for a couple days by the third you are back to normal. When I had mine out I didn't even take the prescribed pain medicine after the first day.
Yeah, surgeries these days are good about getting you out in low pain these days. I had to have hernia surgery, took 4 days to recover, and most of that I spent watching baseball. But I ended up not even needing the pain medicine they gave me, a few aleve was all I had to take as I recovered.
I'm just all ddjsjehejdkcncj but I'm sure it'll be fine
Aoi Ninami
Aoi Ninami
Oh had that like 5 years ago... I was in pain and Mummy Cat was licking like crazy my jugular to stay conscious with 911.

I sympathize and hope she gets well.
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