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@Kuro DCupu yeah, I don't think he deserves as much hate as he's getting, though he has done a lot of trash. I just like following his game's development, but I don't think I would ever support his ******* or anything.
@OmnislashXX Yandere Dev is the developer of a "sandbox game" called Yandere Simulator, but a lot of people don't think the game is ever going to be finished.

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RM MV ACE? 2020? Super? Legends? Sword and Shield? 2.5D? RM Pixel? RM 2: Revenge of Squared RTP tiles? Don't mind me, I'm just wondering about what will be the name of the next engine.

So I came up with a new look for the paths, and along the way realized health bars are so overrated, so now a crazy red light trail follows her and gets shorter as her life decreases. :LZSexcite:
Stream will be live shortly with a session of the Interactive Text Adventure! Feel free to drop by!
Am I allowed to make a recruitment thread NOT for RPG Maker stuff?

Like for a group project?
(NOT RPG Maker project.)
If the new RPG Maker's character generator produces full busts and can match the art styles of previous RPG Makers, that might be a big incentive to buy it. An easier way to craft custom map tile sheets though would probably be an even bigger game changer.

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