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I carry a double-sided water bottle full of icewater with me where ever I go in the summer for that purpose. Can't tell you how many people in the construction field just pass out down here because they forget to stay hydrated. Every summer I'll see at least two people fall off of roofs because of heat stroke, a few years ago a guy broke his neck that way. Hydration is a serious issue when the temps climb.
It may be because I am a lot of cat years old, but if I drink before bed I have to go pee like 3 times and do not sleep well.
@Sauteed_Onion I'm lucky to sleep well and relatively fast, so this isn't a problem for me. Let's say "drink accordingly to your body type". Or have a bottle of water nearby for a quick sip.
but it makes me pee : (

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I spent the whole day creating and finishing around 12 skills and fixing 2 others... and 3 of them are still buggy... *sigh* only like 20 more skills to go!
I don't know why you should be reading this, but I doubt you're going to find anything useful here.
so, ive been gone for too long when i log in and see that everything is where is shouldn't be. XD
Steam killing my eyes.. I forgot why I use it only when I have no other choice
Making a map, my brain went "Look, Mjölnir!" as I plotted out a sacrificial entrance.

Actually, it went, "Look, hammer. Wait, Thor's hammer!"

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