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Lots and lots of Mosquitoes?
Philosophus Vagus
Philosophus Vagus
Ticks, mosquitoes, gnats and chiggers. Also humidity and a lot of misplaced rage...and kids are out of school, why we pick the most miserable time of the year to actually be outside to grant kids the freedom to do so regularly boggles the mind. Probably makes sense places with milder summers and harsher winter's but here it makes no sense, if I want to go camping I have to take a road trip first, can't wait for fall.

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Managed to find a way to hang a bed cover over my window. So no more being toasted alive in the afternoon!:kaoswt2:
So, uh, has anyone tried buying any resources from KokoroReflections? Because I've been looking for a 'buy' button on the site for like 10 minutes now and can't find one.
Any also thought it's too cringy to put the word "and you" in your credit as a special thanks?
Cause that's what I thought...
Everyone in the US right now: Please stay safe.
Symphony Celestia: Prophecy of the Falling Stars RPG Maker music pack WIP. Symphony Celestia is a new series that focuses on symphonic and orchestrated music to tell a story. Each story will include compositions that make up that story from beginning to end. Themes include: Battles, adventures, character themes, etc. Below is a video preview to the first story.

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