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Lots and lots of Mosquitoes?
Philosophus Vagus
Philosophus Vagus
Ticks, mosquitoes, gnats and chiggers. Also humidity and a lot of misplaced rage...and kids are out of school, why we pick the most miserable time of the year to actually be outside to grant kids the freedom to do so regularly boggles the mind. Probably makes sense places with milder summers and harsher winter's but here it makes no sense, if I want to go camping I have to take a road trip first, can't wait for fall.

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Made a Mapping Tutorial on Adding Lighting/Shadows using Tileset

Currently working on a playlist of songs that have inspired my work on revamping Battle Castle, and making sure they flow decently from one to the next. I will be posting it whenever I upload my next demo.
This is the first song in the playlist.
Artists out there, is there something RPG maker related you wish your graphics software had but doesn't? (Something like automatically transform a wall tile into a cylindrical tower). I want to give a boost to WecTools, but I'm dry of ideas right now...

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