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Nerine wrote on Eliaquim's profile.
I have an issue with your window skin plugin. After using plugin command to change window skin, it doesn't change the skin for message boxes and choice boxes until a player opens inventory.
Can anyone provide a link to where Vlue said that his Plugins for MV were free for commercial usage? I only see it on the thread here, but Vlue didn't directly start it. What do guys think about it?

I've been struggling with getting a couple skills setup, trying over and over and doing common events...and now I got it working with just one state.
When the answer is so simple, I don't know whether to be happy or eh about how much time it took to realize the issue. :kaoeh:
Anybody know how to make an enemy have a line of sight? I'm trying to make Persona-like enemies.

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Zomboars- main enemies in my story
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