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Evening humans! How goes thou day?
Aaaargh I twisted/sprained my ankle a week ago, now Im stuck at home. I mean Im almost healed lol, but my parents probably wouldnt let me go outside because theres a lot of snows and they thought I slipped on a snow (I just had a bit too big booths and thats why :<). Aw man...And a new boruto op came out and its fire. It will be hard not to vibe to it when I cant go out :/
SF_Actor3_7(Alex) added!

Well that was three hours of work down the drain, because GIMP froze and I forgot to save anything.
for who interested in a example boilerplate pixijs with snowpack , i made a branch with pixijs .
Web and Desktop, nwjs is not required.
I definitely give up Parcel bundler !

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