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  1. atreyoray

    Zombie State

    Zombie State v1.00 by Atreyo Ray   Introduction Create "zombie states" that damage affected battlers when they were to heal HP.   Features - Zombified battlers receive damage with healing skills and items. - Zombified battlers also receive damage when their HP regeneration is positive (for...
  2. atreyoray

    In-Game Manual

    In-Game Manual by Atreyo Ray Introduction Allows you to create a scene that works like an in-game manual, and reads its contents from a text file. Features - You can create multiple manuals. (*new*) - You can show and hide entries using plugin commands. (*new*) - Offers LOADS of visual...
  3. atreyoray

    Steal Item Skill

    Steal Item Skill v1.00 by Atreyo Ray Introduction Creates skills that can steal items from enemies. Features - You can create skills or items that can steal items from enemies. - You can also create skills or items that show which items are possible to steal from each enemy. - Shows when...
  4. atreyoray

    Command Icons

    Command Icons v1.01 by Atreyo Ray     Introduction Adds Icons to command windows in the scenes you want.   Features - You may choose which Scenes to add icons. - There's an option to draw the icon of your equipped weapon in the command 'Attack' within Battle.   Screenshots           How to...
  5. atreyoray

    Title Command Exit

    Title Command Exit v1.00 by Atreyo Ray   Introduction A very simple script that gives back the "Quit Game" option to the title screen.   Features - You can type the text you want to appear as the exit option.   Screenshots   How to Use Create a .js in your project plugins folder...

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