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  1. Der Botaniker

    Variables Shortcuts

    I continue my work on RME (, but I will try RMMV. So I have write a really simple (and small) plugin to have a easy-short-way to access to variables/switches and selfswitches. This is my first "experiences" around RMMV. (The script is obviously on the...
  2. Der Botaniker

    RMEBuilder, the first package Manager for RPGMaker VXAce !

    Hello, we (RMEx crew) are happy to introduce the first Package Manager for RPG Maker VXAce. This project is inspired by the package manager of Linux (like Aptitude or Yaourt) and provide a fresh environnement for script installation (and update). Every scripters could submit their scripts on the...
  3. Der Botaniker

    Ultra Advanced Quest System

    Tanks to Hiino for his awesome translation This is a script for creating quests, that aims to be parameterizable and flexible. Thanks to Zangther, Hiino and Altor for their help. Licensing Free for any use, commercial or otherwise. Ideally, please credit the author, me (Nuki). Installing...
  4. Der Botaniker

    Database Extender

    Database Extender Thanks Hiino for the translation ;) I think that the RPG Maker database is a bit of a pain since we cannot extend it. Hence, I am obligated to stay in the quite restrictive base system, and, in order to obtain cooler (and more specific) things I have to abuse of the...

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I've started working on rpg maker again, and I can see a lot of improvement from when I was 13. I still have a long way to go, but I'm proud that I've gotten this far.
Animated Title screen is by SharkerrBlue(SB)
I am using the Nightmare Land pack.
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Your art works about Wyrvens and Dragons are sooooooooo cooooooooool~! I like them so bad
Can you create more? like Archangels, Devils, Titans, Cyclops!!
My valentine cutscene is now available on and you can get the "source code" as well, feel free to check it out!

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