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    Issue with KGC_EquipExtension Script

    K. i'm experiencing a conflict between KGC_EquipExtension and the default Game_Actor script. I'm talking about RPG Maker VX. When I start my game, it brings up an error message that looks like this: Not sure what I'm really supposed to do about this...but this is the line of the game_actor...
  2. kingmakerspider

    Wolves At White Lake - Horror (Demo updated 1/18/14!!)

    John Kramer had a simple reason to come to this town: he's looking for someone. Although, he quickly finds that his intentions for this trip may matter little in the grand scheme of things. The answers he sought to find in this place may not actually be those most urgent to him now. White Lake...
  3. kingmakerspider

    The Wasteland: 163 MB demo available (as of 6/10/12)

    New Screenie of the slightly revised battle menu. But what's not really evident is the work I've put in to balance the battles so that the characters growth in power is not as steep as it was in the first demo. Here's some screenshots: Feedback on the game, screenies, or the demo are...
  4. kingmakerspider

    WATER! Ocean autotiles, water wading sprites & more!

    STALE OLD WATER TILES!? WHAAAAAAAT?! I have been growing very tired of the standard VX ocean autotiles for a while now... it kills anything that you are trying to do visually in an instant. As you can see above, even with the help of great pieces, the water is just so... fake. so With the...

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