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  1. Khayalan

    Khayalan`s Trashy Icons

    Hey out there ^^   Today i made a few trashy Icons and i thought i would share them   128-black... A version of the Icons with higher resolution and black Background to see them better ^^ If somone wants them to use ^^ Heres a version without black background Heres...
  2. Khayalan

    Extending Game after release and Protecting game

    Hey RPG-Makers out there, ive got one question i asked me for a long time... How can i update my game? For example there is a new expansion... New Maps and co... But the users want to keep their current save! Is that possible so that i can only load the dlc into the game? And if so...
  3. Khayalan

    Thread Of Life - Khayalans Project

    Welcome to my Birthday-Bash Project It is named "Thread of Life"   Concept Youve got a Thread of Life... Every Interaction with NPCs,Chests or other things costs you a part of it, when it is 0 or below GAME OVER :) In Battles you dont lose instantly if you die, you just...
  4. Khayalan

    Resolution for Mobile

    Hey :) Ive got a simple question? Whats the best resolution for a mobile game made with RPG Maker MV? -Khayalan
  5. Khayalan

    Khayalans Mapping Wonder

    Hey RPGMakers, because i have fun making maps, i will put up here a little workshop...  Before i talk to much, here a few screenshots ^^ Worldmap for my own Game :) A big Forest... In normal there are rocks too, but mine are set as events A Forest Town (thanks to PandaMaru for...
  6. Khayalan


    Hey RPGMakers ive got a problem with the ballons ^^ I want to make a ballon over an NPC to show he have a quest... I did this with a event over the NPC. Parralel process. But now i cant save anymore on the map anymore... So i need a solution for that problem (I know that i cant save...

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