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  1. DaneReid

    Skip Window_SkillType and Window_EquipCommand

    How do I skip the Window_SkillType and Window_EquipCommand windows? I want my Skill window to skip the Window_SkillType and go straight to Window_SkillList (skill types aren't necessary) and skip the Window_EquipCommand and go straight to the Window_EquipSlot to equip things (optimize and clear...
  2. DaneReid

    RMMV 8 Bit Help

    I'm finding that the question I want to ask is difficult to explain so forgive me if it's hard to understand. I'm a little new to pixel art and so far my art kinda sucks but I had a question about making 8 bit art for rpg maker mv. For the art posted below I'm using the NES color pallet for it...
  3. DaneReid

    Switch Puzzle

    Hello, I’m trying to create a puzzle where you need to step on 4 switches in a specific order in under X seconds to open a door to continue. I’m having trouble trying to figure out how to do that. Anyone know how I’d go about doing that?
  4. DaneReid

    (MOG) Chrono Engine x Pick Up and Throw Issue [Can't Move Player]

    Adding the chrono engine and pick up and throw plugin together gives me an issue with movement in the game. For some reason I can't move my character. But I can move the cursor in the title screen and menu which is odd. I know for a fact that it's both those plugins giving me that issue because...
  5. DaneReid

    Change Battle System in Game

    Is there a way to change from first person view to side view and/or vice versa in game?
  6. DaneReid

    Enemy Transform with Item

    I'm trying to make an enemy transform to another enemy by using an Item. So far I'm able to get it to work with one enemy, but if there is two of the same enemies in the battle, that's where I run into trouble. How can I have an item transform each individual enemy? Here's what I'm doing...
  7. DaneReid

    RPG Maker MV Gameboy

    Looking to make gameboy sprites, tilesets, and graphics in general and trying to match it's resolution (using a plugin to make the resolution the same as gameboy's resolution) with RPG Maker MV. If anyone could help me out by giving advice and/or links that'll be much appreciated. Thanks guys!
  8. DaneReid

    Armor for hot climate

    Hello, how do i make an armor that is needed for hot climate? For example: the fire tunic in LoZ: Ocarina of Time Sorry if my explanation sucks lol.
  9. DaneReid

    Memories of Time

    Memories of Time   WARNING: This game contains strong language, this may be inappropriate for children and those who does not tolerate strong language.    HEADS UP: This game adapts to the choices you make. This games outcome may change depending on how you play.   Story Screen shots...
  10. DaneReid

    Note Tag

    Hello, is it possible to change an actors note tag in gameplay?
  11. DaneReid

    tankentai side view battle script down

    It seems like where ever I search on the internet, I can't seem to find the link to the tankentai side view battle script. Everywhere I go the link is down. Does anyone know where I can find it if it's still out there?

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