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  1. CalebW

    Anonymous Video Game Poll

    Thank you. We've had over 2300 responses so far. To help give the survey a bit more context here are some unfinished game images to go with it. The monster sprites are by Aekshiacs. everything else is custom created. Besides the sprites made by Aekshiacs, all other assets belong to Hypix Studios.
  2. CalebW

    Anonymous Video Game Poll

    Thank you a bunch. I got my start in this community so I figured it would be best to ask peopld I already trust.
  3. CalebW

    Anonymous Video Game Poll

    Hey everyone, if you get a second do you mind taking this anonymous google video game survery? Just getting ideas from neighboring communities on what platforms they prefer for gaming and what content they like.
  4. CalebW

    PixelMister's RMMV Tile Resources

    Will there ever be more expansions on these?
  5. CalebW

    Animated Static Front View Battlers w/o plugin?

    Is this even possible? All I want to do is take the enemy and have it rotate between three pictures like a stepping animation within the battle. I can't figure out how to do this without using a plugin. (I'd like to stay away from plugins if it is possible.)
  6. CalebW

    RMMV Outbreak - Horror RPG

    Dev update 3/6/2020: Common events working properly. Mechanics currently implemented and working: The Ultra Bark move. Ability to make a monster run away when utilizing the ability. Jump command also active. The game checks players' direction and allows a jump within a specified amount of blocks...
  7. CalebW

    Jumping Event Help

    Ah yes, region checks. Truthfully forgot about that. Thanks a bunch!
  8. CalebW

    Jumping Event Help

    What happened if they tried to jump at a wall?
  9. CalebW

    Jumping Event Help

    Hi all, I'm trying to make an event (parallel) that allows the "player" to jump 1-3 spaces in front, behind, or to the side of them using only the event system. Does anyone have insight on how to make this work? Here is what I currently have working. Jump Variable changes from 0 to 1 when the...
  10. CalebW

    Designing boss battles

    Well thought out, super helpful.
  11. CalebW

    RMMV Outbreak - Horror RPG

    Dev update 3/2/2020 Music & Sound effects have been acquired, Time system common event built, Map testing and passability all finished. Next task: Create in-game events that build out the puzzles.
  12. CalebW

    RMMV Outbreak - Horror RPG

  13. CalebW

    Avy's MV Stuff

    Any chance of prison MV resources being made? It's hard to find a lot of good inner materials relating to a modern prison.
  14. CalebW

    Legacy of the Lost Dragoon

    Well spending that much I really want to see your game finished. If you ever need a motivation boost let me know I’ll help, I’m really rooting for you.
  15. CalebW

    Legacy of the Lost Dragoon

    Dang, this art is intense.
  16. CalebW

    Parallax Mapping Questions for MV

    If you Parallax all the maps within your game, do they smoothly export to mobile game builds? I feel my game may be best built using parallax mapping but if that loses mobile exporting capabilities, then it may be for nothing.
  17. CalebW

    A little overwhelmed and I need to start my battle system

    Yes, the base editor has a section to add variables, switches, and common events. My suggestion as Shaz said above is to make the events happen within the battle sequence, otherwise, they won't activate with combat if you'll be truly performing this during combat. To do that, in your database...
  18. CalebW

    Terrain Destruction

    Save yourself the time of creating thousands of maps to recreate, it will increase your filesize for unneeded reasons. The best thing I'd say you could do is set up a time system and then a variable that will change the tiles to the system game time. So for instance, 60 frames are equal to 1...
  19. CalebW

    A little overwhelmed and I need to start my battle system

    If I am understanding correctly this is like the pokemon contests in Ruby / Sapphire. Where you'd take a pokemon into a coolness|beauty|speed|etc contest and their movesets would be rated accordingly with effects attached to it. If I'm correct you could do it like this: (If not ignore I...
  20. CalebW

    YEP SV_Battler Bug

    Yes, but is asking about the indexing. For instance, if the default state is set to icon index 0, which in your icon set there is nothing there, it will produce the black box. You need to check the index number associated with that state and set it accordingly. It is also potential that on...

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