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  1. Zelgadis85

    Throwing around ideas around two-row battle system

    I'm about to implement a battle system in my game that allows both actors and enemies to be assigned in either the front row or the back row, each with their advantages and disadvantages. I think I have the basics down alright, but still pondering about the numbers and possible pros and cons...
  2. Zelgadis85

    [Suggestion] Allow resources in subfolders

    Description of the feature: The RPG Maker Sound Test / other similar windows should allow resources to be put in subfolders. I have provided a simple mockup picture how the feature should look like, if implemented. (The highlighted (None) option should stay at the top in any case) Why is...
  3. Zelgadis85

    IGMC18 reviews by Zelgadis85

    Figured since I'm going to review some games I'd post them here. Notice: I'm not biased, I judge games by how entertaining and hooking they are for me. Some people may disagree with me, and that's perfectly fine. I might sound harsh, but I'll try to find out the good things about the games as...
  4. Zelgadis85

    RMMV Our Adventure [IGMC18 Co-Project with Punamaagi]

    You and your sister have come to the town of Alea to become adventurers: people who search ancient ruins and locations, discover new things. Many do so for personal gain. Some for the good of all humanity. However, your entry to the adventurer's guild is denied until you can claim a bit of a...
  5. Zelgadis85

    RMMV Indie Game Maker Contest 2017 - Game "Master List"

    So, I decided to create a master list for IGMC17 entries, as randomizes the entries everytime you open the page. It's kind of hard to keep track on which games you've already played. Both files have the exact same content, but I have uploaded a OpenDocument version (.ODS) and a...
  6. Zelgadis85

    RMMV Deadly Halloween Party (IGMC '17 entry)

    Deadly Halloween Party SECTION A: SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD LINK SECTION B: CHARACTERS UPDATE Dec 19, 2017: The IGMC17 contest is over. Apparently, my game was disqualified for various bugs, and for the computer in the study room crashing. I managed to reproduce this crash...
  7. Zelgadis85

    RPG Maker MV Tileset - RTP World_A1 edit (slim coast lines with grass)

    Hi fellow RPG Makers, maybe some of you might have wanted to create world maps with slightly less square look between water and grass. Having found no other easy way around it, I decided to make a quick edit to the World_A1 tileset which, in my opinion, makes the grassy land look less square...
  8. Zelgadis85

    [SOLVED] Resetting all self switches to OFF state upon game start... Need optimizing, please.

    Hi, I am having a blast using MV. My game demo allows for saving at the end for a sort-of NewGame+ mode, where you keep all your experience, items and gold. But I noticed that all self switches I used were still set ON. I guess that is to be expected, though. Because those self switches hinder...

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