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  1. Blah_Blee

    Making Variables Check Health Percentages?

    Hello, everybody. Just a quick question: I've been trying to set a variable (in a common event) to a certain percentage (in this case, 10%) of one's maximum HP, then use a conditional branch to check if their current HP is less than the variable. After trying to use the classic 'divide health...
  2. Blah_Blee

    Making Skills Unusable Under Certain Conditions.

    Hello, quick question for clarification. I'm wondering if there's any way, either through eventing or scripting, that skills can be unusable if the target is inflicted with a certain state. For example: In my wrestling RPG, there's a simple 'downed' state that allows for certain moves such as...
  3. Blah_Blee

    Project 8

    Ladies and gentlemen, here's to an unfinished, unpolished piece of work that took a staggering 8 hours to build. Project 8 was a little idea I had in mind when I challenged myself to create a game within 8 hours, the result is a fast paced dungeon crawler where you take control of 3 out of 20...
  4. Blah_Blee

    Requesting Portraits

    Hello, I'm looking for an artist who can develop character portraits for use in Galv's Message Busts system. My intention is for these types of portraits to be drawn in the same angled art style as one of Holder's character portraits shown below. Since one of Holder's works thankfully matches...
  5. Blah_Blee

    Grathnode Install Not Working

    Hello, I'm encountering this problem regarding Kread-Ex's Grathnode Install script. For some odd reason, calling the menu using ( or accessing through the menu (since I also have Yanfly's Ace Menu Engine) brings up the skills menu instead. I haven't augmented...
  6. Blah_Blee


                        Total Progress Story: 90% Graphics: 15% Eventing: 0%    Mapping: 0% Databasing: 40%     Hello, and welcome to what is probably the first game I will develop seriously. Imaginite is adventure RPG game developed by a team of one. The expected release date will be two years...
  7. Blah_Blee

    Menu Theme Engine + Yanfly's Class System

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out how to activate the class menu via script call. The Menu Theme Engine here allows the player to activate a common event through the menu. However, it doesn't have a tab available for Yanfly's Class System. What I am trying to do is use a script call in the common...
  8. Blah_Blee

    Variable Number = New Abilities?

    Hello, I'm trying to implement a 'Drunken Kung-Fu' style to one of my characters. Basically speaking, the character has a choice to 'take a drink', which will do nothing and use up their turn. However, I'm trying to make skills, boosted parameters, and extra abilities accessible depending on...
  9. Blah_Blee

    Game Crashes During Battle

    Hi there, I'm having an issue with the battles in my game. My character's sprite doesn't appear whatsoever during battle, and every time I press the 'fight' command, the game crashes and this prompt appears. I am currently using Jet's simple side-view battle system, as well as Yanfly's core...
  10. Blah_Blee

    Placing an Event at Death Spot

    Hello, I'm wondering if there's a way to place an event at the location of a player's death. I have a script that replaces game overs with common events, and I'm looking to emulate a Dark Souls style of 'soul retrieval'.
  11. Blah_Blee


    Hello, I'm looking for people to beta test my game for balancing/bug fixing purposes. Anyone of any skill level is recommended and appreciated.           'It Pours' is an Action RPG inspired by Dark Souls. I yearned to make a game as engaging and challenging as the aforementioned game, so...
  12. Blah_Blee

    It Pours (Demo Available) (TESTERS NEEDED)

    And here I lay, doomed to rot. An eternity in confinement... The crime? Existing. 'It Pours' is an Action RPG inspired by Dark Souls. I yearned to make a game as engaging and challenging as the aforementioned game, so here's my attempt. This is a one-man project that'll hopefully take only...
  13. Blah_Blee

    Some feedback on an impromptu story.

    Hello, I'd appreciate some work and feedback to a short story I wrote in about an hour, without any real goal in mind. I guess I can relate this story to myself and my struggles in writing.
  14. Blah_Blee

    Quest Journal Issue

    Hello, I'm not quite sure if this is the right forum, but I'm having an issue with ModernAlgebra's Quest Journal script.
  15. Blah_Blee

    RNG (Working Title, Demo Available)

    DOWNLOAD (NON-RTP) Who are you? Why are you here? Why are you fighting? What is the purpose of this? RNG is the working title of a small, experimental RPG. This is my fifth game in total. I developed this game with the almighty power of randomized gameplay in mind. Summary After stumbling...
  16. Blah_Blee

    Project Diner (Demo Available)

    Welcome to an unconventional form of an RPG Maker game Summary Synopsis Features: - Fast-paced gameplay that will keep you on your toes - Crafting system that allows you to perform various tasks - AP skills that power you up for a limited time and improves your cooking experience! -...
  17. Blah_Blee

    Increasing Movement Speed for a Limited Time

    Hello. Is there any way I can make a move be able to increase the user's movement speed for a limited time (either a timer or # of steps)? I'm referring to the movement speed outside of battle, not AGI.
  18. Blah_Blee

    Non-RPG Turn Based Battle System?

    Hello. I've been playing a few RPG Maker games that utilised a button to pull off an attack instead of going into a turn-based battle system like most RPGs, essentially turning it into an action/adventure game. These games I played were encrypted, so I couldn't find the proper script for it...
  19. Blah_Blee

    Empty 2 (Demo)

    Twelve years later, the boy initiates the plan. DOWNLOAD Be sure to play Empty 1 to gain a full understanding of the current plot. This version has yet to be tested thoroughly, so expect a few balancing issues here and there. I'll be sure to add more updates as time progresses with the...
  20. Blah_Blee

    Changing Message Box Design?

    Hello, I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, or if it has been asked already, but I have a question. I've played a couple of RPG Maker titles such as ED: Skyward temple, and I've noticed an aesthetic difference in the text box's design. I've tried looking for an answer, but I'm stumped...

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