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  1. chyj4747

    MV's trial version for RMMZ's particle engine Effekseer

    C47_Effekseer4MV v1.0.0 by chyj4747 Introduction This plugin is used to experience effekseer editor. Also the effect must be better in MZ because in MV it has to use low version of effekseer. How to use See the plugin help section (including effekseer version and its download page). Terms of...
  2. chyj4747

    Animate all type tiles(A to E). Draw tilemap in MV editor, play animation in game.[v1.0.1]

    C47_CustomTileset v1.0.1 by chyj4747 Introduction This plugin allows you to draw tilemap in mv editor, and play animation of any type tiles in game. Also you can change animation by plugin command. In MV editor: In Game: Features Only works for webgl Different settings for each tile in...
  3. chyj4747

    A1 tileset 3 frames limit break. Custom A1 animated tiles [v1.0.0]

    C47_AnimatedTilesetEx v1.0.0 by chyj4747 Introduction This plugin has a big bug in release mode. Use MY ANOTHER TILE PLUGIN instead. The default A1 tileset only has 3 frames. Now you can extend it up to 10 frames. In MV editor: In Game: Sea: 3 frames Beach: 8 frames Red-red flower: 3...
  4. chyj4747

    A1 Tileset 3 frames limit break

    Released: Here A1 tileset has 3 frames only, which may not enough for some game makers like me. The main points of this plugin are: 1. use different frames for different tiles 2. even the tileset format is different from MV's A1 tileset, you can still draw the A1 tile in MV editor I have...
  5. chyj4747

    Is there a way that can use animated tiles which have more than 3 frames?

    1. the tileset can be set in mv database for passable setting and can be used to draw map in mv, which mean it needs to be in mv defined scale. 2. when run the game, it will play more than 3 frames animation Is there any plugin that can do this? Otherwise I have to write this plugin myself...
  6. chyj4747

    Seamless map transfer. Build world map like pokemon. [v1.0.6]

    C47_SeamlessMap v1.0.6 by chyj4747 Introduction The map transferring feature in MV is traditional. Fade out, change map, fade in. This plugin provides a seamless way of transferring. Then you can make world map like pokemon. You can see there are different maps drew with different tilesets...
  7. chyj4747

    Seamless map transfer. Rendering two maps at the same frame[Jobs left: 0]

    Released: Here I searched and asked online for days but no one had a solution that can really make seamless maps. Merging maps into one or creating common parts for each map are solutions but not good enough. Therefore I am working on my own plugin for this feature. With this plugin, you can...
  8. chyj4747

    Create two tilemaps and render both in screen make game lag

    Edit: Problem found, check Post #9, but still not solved. Edit: Solved. See Post #10 ----------------------------------------------------- I'm new to rpg maker, using mv now. I'm making a game in pokemon style, the first problem is that rmmv does not support rendering multiple maps. In pokemon...

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