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  1. Ministry

    Problem: Rest of event plays out even if Movie is playing

    Insert a "wait" into your event & make it the same length as the movie. Nothing else will happen until the wait has finished.
  2. Ministry

    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    I've seen a few people ask about this but I have not seen any answers yet. I tried a few things and (thanks to Script Call list) figured it out. The easiest way to add a state to the user of a skill is to put this in the damage formula box: a.addState(n)where n= the id # of the state of...
  3. Ministry

    How to make the most of custom formulae. Part #1

    Easiest way to do this would be to make a state that gives +2 ATK and -2 DEF.  Then have your skill apply this state.
  4. Ministry

    How to make the most of custom formulae. Part #1

    Allright, I got it sorted out exactly how I want it! So first thing I have to do is set a variable at the start of each encounter.  So every Troop gets a Battle Event with the condition of Turn No. 0 that does Control Variables: [0004:# of enemies] = $game_troop.alive_members.size I also need...
  5. Ministry

    How to make the most of custom formulae. Part #1

    I was able to reverse engineer it from this solution.  This is what worked for me: 1000 / $game_troop.alive_members.size Interesting side effect, it calculates damage each time it hits an enemy.  So if I cast it during a boss fight where there's a boss and 3 minions (with less than 250HP...
  6. Ministry

    How to make the most of custom formulae. Part #1

    I want to make a spell that targets all enemies, but divides the total damage by the number of enemies targeted. For example, it would deal 1000 damage to 1 enemy, or 250 damage each to 4 enemies. and ksjp17, probably the easiest way to have a consumable item grant element protection would be...
  7. Ministry

    How do you balance talking in the game?

    Your game needs to have a 5 minute timer (possibly 10 or 15 for RPGs due to their nature). When the player starts the game they need to experience something that hooks them before this time has run out or they wont keep playing. I've seen too many RPGs, some released recently, that forget this...
  8. Ministry

    Enemy Encounters: What You're Doing Wrong

    You are correct there. I got distracted with some of the points of implementation which are irrelevant since it's entirely up to the designer to make it work (which we both agree on). Please allow me to retract my previous post and start fresh. Here are the points that I really wanted to...
  9. Ministry

    Scary Games AKA Horror

    I've played a lot of games that make you jump, but then you remember that you have 4 different ways to effortlessly destroy whatever this thing is, and enough medical herbs to make snoop dog blush. Without vulnerability the most you will ever get is a jump. Amnesia is the only game that's...
  10. Ministry

    Enemy Encounters: What You're Doing Wrong

    I politely disagree. I think using both together is a very good idea when done correctly. One of the bigger problems with using visible monsters only is that clearing out a dungeon leaves it totally deserted forever. Adding in low frequency random encounters makes sure that a dungeon is never...
  11. Ministry

    Newbie needs help with tutorial 3.5

    I was digging around for a solution to my conditional skill effects problem and I stumbled upon this helpful little Formula tutorial: In particular, this part was most interesting: So instead of needing a whole script to add a state to the user, you just put...
  12. Ministry

    Better Poison State and conditions for skills

    Thank you Tsukihime. It took a little bit of trial and error to get it to work (I was using the state ID "002" when it should only be "2"), but it does exactly what I need. And thanks to Thalzon for reminding me of the old saying, "Work smarter, not harder". These 2 things combined pretty...
  13. Ministry

    Better Poison State and conditions for skills

    I'm looking for a better way to setup the Poison state. Health Degeneration by a percentage limits the usage too much. Weaker enemies take too long to die from it, and bosses have to be immune or else it's too effective. The way I would like it to work is to deal damage from a formula every...
  14. Ministry

    Noobie here, where to begin?

    Until you're really comfortable with the program you should keep your design concepts very flexible. Your bound to come across stuff that you just can't do (without getting into scripting, drawing/animating your own sprites, writing your own music, etc etc). So be ready to substitute stuff...
  15. Ministry

    Newbie needs help with tutorial 3.5

    Thank you Sliktor. I replaced your updated script and it no longer crashes. I'm sure Tealdragon will be happy about this too. I'm sure that, some day, I will understand what you did and why it helped. I've left a reply on the tutorial to let him know we've found a problem, Sliktor fixed it...
  16. Ministry

    The worst cliches?

    I love the dark lord sitting on a throne in his volcano-lair (that is only accessible by airship) just plotting all day long and waiting for somebody to try and stop em. Can't think of any other visual cliches, but my favorite plot-related ones are the ancient evil that returns every 1000...
  17. Ministry

    Newbie needs help with tutorial 3.5

    I am also having this same issue. "Lunge" is one of 2 skills in the tutorial that use this script. This skill deals damage through a formula and has 1 effect that adds the "Lunge Effect" state 100% of the time. This state lasts 1 turn and reduces DEF. So the skill gets a notetag of <self...
  18. Ministry

    Hello fellow RPG makers!

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum. I got started with RPG Maker back on the PSX and I was crazy addicted to it. I was about to dig my old PSX out of the garage to fire it up again when I stumbled upon RPG Maker VX Ace and I couldn't believe my eyes. I can't wait to start creating again and...

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