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  1. High Plains Design Studio

    HPDS Throwable Plugin

    It has the MIT license. It can be found in the github page. edit: Currently, it is a free plugin.
  2. High Plains Design Studio

    HPDS Throwable Plugin

    Thanks for the feedback. The XY offset option is a good idea. As for adding event pages to the throwable event is something I'm trying to work out. I'm sure there are a few ways to go about it, but I haven't really determined what works. A plugin command would probably be the other route. Or, I...
  3. High Plains Design Studio

    HPDS Throwable Plugin

    HPDS Throwable Plugin v1.1.0 Michael Hernandez @highplainsdesignstudio Introduction The HPDS Throwable plugin allows you to pickup and throw events using note tags. The game player will be able to then throw the events in game. Get Plugin Master Plugin List Github HPDS Throwable Plugin Page...
  4. High Plains Design Studio

    HPDS Jump Plugin

    ::BUMP for updated demo
  5. High Plains Design Studio

    Long names and classes

    That is correct. My solution is to build a brand new plugin that you will name drawActorSimpleStatus.js (or whatever else you want to name the file, so long as you keep the .js extension). The file that you create will need to be placed in your projects plugins directory like any other plugin...
  6. High Plains Design Studio

    Long names and classes

    You can overridethe method Window_Base.prototype.drawActorSimpleStatus. The method is originally: Window_Base.prototype.drawActorSimpleStatus = function(actor, x, y, width) { var lineHeight = this.lineHeight(); var x2 = x + 180; var width2 = Math.min(200, width - 180 -...
  7. High Plains Design Studio

    Change where assets are loaded from

    Well, I just deployed to an executable to see the filesystem. You may need to make sure that you go up several paths like so: ../../assets/ The asset files in the .exe deployment are in a folder called www, so you may need to go up another directory if you're trying to share assets with an .exe...
  8. High Plains Design Studio

    Change where assets are loaded from

    The scenario that you pointed out only seems suitable for web deployment, in my view and opinion. When you have several games sitting next to each other on a server, you would want to save space and reusing assets when possible. However, I'm not entirely sure it is something that can or should...
  9. High Plains Design Studio

    Change where assets are loaded from

    Ok. Great. I've made some progress. I have created the plugin HPDS AssetsManager. It will change the directory for the images and the audio. However, the game will not work from the RMMV Play Test button if you change the folders to a folder outside of the game's directory. The game MUST be run...
  10. High Plains Design Studio

    Change where assets are loaded from

    Sorry. I thought I had it, but then I still ran into errors :( I have started working on this problem, though. I am finally getting to it today. It is a problem of mine as well, and I need to find a solution. It seems there are a few more functions for reserving and requesting the bitmaps; they...
  11. High Plains Design Studio

    Changing where assets are loaded from?

    You'll need to make a plugin. Below are the file paths that you can change in the ImageManager: EDIT: It seems like a plugin that I'd be interested in creating in order to house several games using the same assets. Make a request in the plugin request forum and tag me and I'll look into later...
  12. High Plains Design Studio

    Remove red flash when receiving floor/poison damage

    Game_Screen.prototype.startFlashForDamage = function() { this.startFlash([255, 0, 0, 128], 8); }; That's the code that flashes the screen for the damage. You can comment out the startFlash method, but then it wouldn't work for damage floors either. The plugin would look like: (function() {...
  13. High Plains Design Studio

    Event Trigger Problem

    It says: state - contains character's current state and how many frames they've been in the state and state.bush - Character is in a bush state.dashing - Character is dashing (running) state.jumping - Character is jumping state.ladder - Character is on ladder state.moving - Character is...
  14. High Plains Design Studio

    Event Trigger Problem

    You can use a conditional branch and check for the following script; $gamePlayer.isJumping(); That way, it is activated upon touch, but the code only runs if the $gamePlayer.isJumping() comes back as true.
  15. High Plains Design Studio

    Event Trigger Problem

    Are you saying that you change the Priority of the event to "Same as characters" the trigger works when it is touched by the character? But, when the Priority of the event is set to "Above characters", then the event does NOT trigger when it is touched? If so, this is the correct behavior. The...
  16. High Plains Design Studio

    Script for key input not working

    Input.keyMapper = { 9: 'tab', // tab 13: 'ok', // enter 16: 'shift', // shift 17: 'control', // control 18: 'control', // alt 27: 'escape', // escape 32: 'ok', // space 33: 'pageup', // pageup 34: 'pagedown', // pagedown 37...
  17. High Plains Design Studio

    Change the name input window

    I see what you're saying. I have looked at the issue for a few hours now this morning and it appears that the window was made with 90 items in mind. It is hard coded for Russian, Japanese, and Latin, with all of the tables having 90 items. I've tried to narrow it down for simply the english...
  18. High Plains Design Studio

    Change the name input window

    You'll need a plugin. Here. I wrote this and you can put it into a nameInputPlugin.js file in your plugins folder. Note, it only pertains to the latin alphabet. Here is the code: /*: * @plugindesc HPDS Jump plugin for name input processing with Upper case only. * @author Michael Hernandez @...
  19. High Plains Design Studio

    TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of undefined // Help

    The problems reside on sk.js file on lines, 286, 281, 162. Chances are, it is on line 286 where the drawItem is trying to draw from an improper object.
  20. High Plains Design Studio

    Problem - Identifying the Actor's WeaponTypeID [SOLVED]

    There seems to be a bunch of extra stuff in there. It might be other plugins you have installed. Either way. Add the 0 index and see what happens next. console.log($[0]);

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