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  1. Elemental damage and ailment?

    Hello, I'am developing a classic RPG in based-turn combat and i am strugling with few problems: -I can't manage to afflict an ailment (poisoning,bleeding for example) with my character(standard attack) .I used the "chance to inflict" in a weapon attribute and didn't work but the same...
  2. Info about characters sheet

    Hello, I was wondering if someone can answers to this : Is it possible to create a personalized characters sheet(I m talking about the sheet for combat)? I've read if i want to create a character i have to follow exactly the standard battle sheet and none category has to be missing(abnormal...
  3. implementing GIF as animated tiles

    Hello People =) I have one question about an issue i get.I asked to the pixel artist i hired an animated fire(animated tiles) and create this GIF for me: I had some issues to make it work,is possible to use it or another format has to be made...
  4. Different angle for rpg maker MV

    Hello, I was wondering if any of you know how to set a different angle during battle .I want to set it like this gif,i am aware i will need character different than the regular ones ;)
  5. list item.params

    Hello everybody ! I'm coding some item for crafting variation and i can't remember the full list of ID for the item.params^^" Also one already try with ex param(dodge for example?)?^^ This is the formula i use : <On Creation Eval> if( $gameSwitches.value(1) === true ) { var factor = 1.0...
  6. Use different size for 4 direction sprite

    Hello Again! Do Someone knows if in rpg maker MV you can use a specific image or size of sprite on a world map for example and a different one for others maps like inside a cave or else? Good day!
  7. animation in rpg maker MV

    Hello everybody ! I'm making a game and conversing with an artist to set characters but i was wondering: Is there a frame limitation per movement/action? he proposed me to make the animation of the monsters/characters with 3 or 6 frames per movement so is this possible? For example using 18...
  8. homebase system

    Also i look for some lines of event or a plugin maybe don't know what is the best for a homebase system. For example: At the beginning he got only 2 rooms intact then as far the player go in history he can unlock more room with function by spending some money/ressources/recuiting.And my real...
  9. using GIMP 2.0 for tiles

    Hello, I want to use GIMP for edit some tiles someone did for me ,but in one tiles(rock wall) seems broken. when i hold left click ans spread the graphics(96X96) this whole block work perfectly but if i want to put another block next to it the overlaps eat a part so i get my self with this...
  10. Keeping XP while class change

    Hello guys ! Today i try to balance stats beetween ennemies and heros but i need to set class first and check behavior ^^ I Use geowill change class plugin for the change class(because he got a clear menu with requirement and etc) but when i change class A to class B levels goes 1 instead of...
  11. problem with loop event

    Hey everybody ! A simple question for you i guess ^^ I am starting a quest system where sometime the player have to collect some ressources.In this screenshot you can see the code without the add off the item(usually a "add+1 item" is under the number check and the event is in action press...
  12. changing weapon

    Hello ! =) Just one little question ,i got several ennemis made with dragon bones and will be the same with my heros battler. If i want to display another weapon(ex the color change because its another weapon or the swords become the axe) i assume i have to create a whole new battler then call...
  13. recruitable NPC

    Hello boys and girls ! Today i want to try a system discovered on suikoden2 long time ago : In this game you can recruit some characters if you meet the condition and when recruted they are in your base and not in the initial map anymore ^^ I want to do the same and i was wondering if its...
  14. Random quality with alchemy

    Hello everybody ! I'm planning to use Yanfly synthesis system(crafting) and i was wondering if a random quality can be applied on these items(weapon and armor) with a colour code in the name. For example the player need 20 iron ore to make 1 iron sword and after the crafting ,this could be a...
  15. how to make immortal ennemies?

    Hey everyone! I wanna know if someone succeed into make an ennemy invincible?I want to create that kind of ennemy who can only be killed with a particular skill,someone know how to do that?
  16. damage with potion/heal

    Hey! Im trying to do a special monsters for my game but can't find the command in database. I want do some undead damageable only with heal item,in the cemetery where we can find these undeads,the player can't use magic or/and attack command. i look for hours but can't find anything close in...
  17. duel battle system for rpg maker MV

    Hello everyone ! Im making my first project today with lots of idea but im a newbie in programming.. >< I need some help for 2 things: -how can i input a duel system pretty much like this one: It will be like the video ,talking to a NPC or event trigger the duel.Losing trigger a back in...

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