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  1. Magic Dance

    Battle Items command bug (or not bug)

    Heirukichi and Shaz, thank you for your replies. Moderator, thank you for moving my topic. I understand. In my main project I want there to be plenty of usable items in small amounts. Also item invocation speed is gonna be set to maximum. So I assume, that there can be cases when player by...
  2. Magic Dance

    Battle Items command bug (or not bug)

    Heirukichi, thank you for such an accurate explanation. Now I see that this issue can be broken into two parts: 1. Multiple actors are able to select one item as their action. 2. During a turn only one actor uses that item, and other(s) just skips their action. Oh well, I can tolerate first...
  3. Magic Dance

    Battle Items command bug (or not bug)

    Hello there. Actually I'm not sure if it's a bug, or is it supposed to work like that, but look: 0) Let's start a clear project. 1) For example, let's a group of four actors have one instance of this item: 2) During battle I can choose Items command and select desirable item from the list...

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