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  1. Matt's Map Assets

    Hey, I really love the tilesets you've posted. Could I use them in a commercial game as well? Of course, I would give you credit for the work.
  2. [CLOSED]Art/Game's Anime-Wannabe realistic Portrait!

    Nope. There have been many times where real and famous people were used (Einstein, Beethoven, Shakespear etc.) in books, movies, and games without their express permission. As long as you put a disclaimer in the beginning of the game, and don't claim in-game that they did anything plausible...
  3. [CLOSED]Art/Game's Anime-Wannabe realistic Portrait!

    Real people are allowed to be used in games, ironically game characters cannot but their creators can legally. If you are still uncomfortable with it though, I'll let you know of a different character. Let me know!
  4. Need help ironing out ideas for my game

    The bulk of the story will be discovered over time. I have the changes between the beginning (knows nothing) and the end (full realization), but they're not ideas that can be discovered through bosses or towns. I'm taking inspiration from games like TWEWY, Soma, and Undertale, all of which...
  5. Need help ironing out ideas for my game

    It isn't the plot, or characters that I need feedback on. It's the parts I don't have, that I need to fit with the ones I do. I'm pretty sure that thread is for tweaking parts you already have set, and if I would go there, they would tell me it's ill-suited for their topic as well. Like I...
  6. Need help ironing out ideas for my game

    Of course! Instead of burdening all with the whole plot here, I was planning on PM'ing each respective member individually with the plot, and then letting them decide whether they'd like to work on it.
  7. Need help ironing out ideas for my game

    This is a bit of a different resource request than the others. I did see though that people offered this type of service in the Resource Workshops (which are now full, unfortunately), so I guess that it would be okay to ask for that same help here, in the requests. I have a very decent...
  8. [CLOSED]Art/Game's Anime-Wannabe realistic Portrait!

    Thank you for your help here! It's much appreciated  :)   Game Title (and link?): Project Kid (not mapped yet, so no link unfortunately. Soon enough!) Character name: Yosuke Matsuda Character trait and description: A picture would be better...
  9. Macbeth's Parallax Mapping Shop

    I asked for another map by Macbeth... and he delivered. Wanted a very fantasy-type forest, with two buildings to contrast a more modern nature as well. Thought they would clash, but Macbeth brought it all together in a sunset scene. He aptly named it Skyscraper Forest, I think I'll keep the...
  10. Shades of Battler, Animated (356), DragonBones (148)

    Fantastic work! Is there any chance of a phantom weapon "Pistol"?
  11. RPG Maker MV Iconsets by Henrique Lazarini

    So cool!!! I've really been needing some weapon iconsets, but haven't found too many so far. This really fits the bill, awesome work. Thanks!
  12. Derex's Generator Overhaul (Updated August 16)

    Good stuff! Looking forward :)  
  13. Macbeth's Parallax Mapping Shop

    Macbeth definitely wasn't kidding when he says he works fast. He made for me this scrapyard map, better than I could have hoped for, in less than a day. Vivid, beautiful parallax map that will definitely be a great addition to my game. Here's a screenshot: Beautiful stuff. Would love...
  14. Pepiik's scribblings

    Hey! I'd love to have drawing from you, if you're available. -Type: Character on a background -Style: Western -Reference: I'm afraid I don't have a picture, but I'm looking for a character on a modern city background. The character will be surrounded by buildings (skyscrapers) in the...
  15. Avy's Icon Workshop [Update Jan 2021]

    But those 524 are resized for MV. She's saying she won't do the rest? 524 is more than enough for me :D  
  16. Owellow Does Voice Stuff [open]

    Hey! I love the idea, and the work your doing. Sent you a PM.
  17. [OPEN] Atlas's Music Shop

    Description: Near the end of the game, one of your best friends finally goes mad from grief and you have to battle him. Determination-oriented battle theme. Quote from the game (will be revised): “You think UNDERTALE has determination? You think UNDYNE has determination? I’ll show you the...
  18. Avy's Icon Workshop [Update Jan 2021]

    I'm a bit confused. Are those 524 icons resized to MV? If so, what resizing are you saying you won't do?
  19. Sin's Parallax Mapping Workshop [CLOSED FOR UNKNOWN PERIOD]

    I'll take that second spot! I kid, I kid. Much thanks to Sinweaver for doing such a great job! Looking forward to seeing more maps of yours. -Avi
  20. TrueClash's Armory

    Nice! Cool stuff.

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