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  1. KamiSawZe

    POP! Horror City in 3D!!!

    So as I've been slowly working on my game using POP! Horror City, I found out about a free voxel art program called MagicaVoxel. It's been very easy to learn with my minimal experience in 3D modeling, and pixel art translates quite interestingly. Here's a render of my desk at work to show you...
  2. KamiSawZe

    Universal Font Size Change

    So I love the POPit font that comes with @Vexed's Pop! Horror City DLC, but it's so dang tiny! It's very readable, but each letter ends up being a similar size to the resource pixels, so it creates a sort of disjointed resolution. I tried setting a font-size in gamefont.css, changed the font...
  3. KamiSawZe

    Are the PHC trash tiles something specific?

    So as I'm mapping with PHC, I noticed six tiles that are both in TileE_PHC_Interior-Extras.png and TileB_PHC_Exterior-City.png.  They look like some detritus to spice up open areas, but I can't seem to quite wrap my head around what they are.  One looks pretty clearly like broken glass, and...
  4. KamiSawZe

    Can I use DLC on Workshop project?

    Backstory that's not important to the question, but I feel like venting: I own RMMV and the Pop! Horror City DLC through Steam.  I am currently using the Steam workshop (but with hidden privacy) to back up my work and so I can work on it from my laptop, my wife's laptop, and my work computer...

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