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  1. Ultimacj

    Preventing Picture Movement With Player

    I've searched high and low on google and I've searched vigorously with key words in search in the forums. None found. That being said (so it's not stated "This question has been already asked, please look for it moderation" kicks in). Here is my question unless it's not possible to do this...
  2. Ultimacj

    RMVXA Destiny of a Wizard 2 Beta Test

    Hello fellow RM players and developers! UltimaCJ here it's been awhile but after nearly two years in development Destiny of a Wizard 2: Beyond the Vale is about ready for beta testing! I'm seeking beta testers for it. For those who did not play the first game, no worries, as the first game...
  3. Ultimacj

    Text Speed (Battle but NOT Battle Speed!)

    I've seen a lot of battle text speed related questions but the question I have is similar. I'm trying to display text instantly prior to the battle starting.  You know the default XX enemy emerged.  While I've changed wording, I'm also centering it.  Since it doesn't display instantly rather...
  4. Ultimacj

    My World My Way Final Thoughts (what will girl gamers think? :P)

    I ran into this curious title at a used game store sometime back.  The game was published by Altus (you know those Persona Folks and other great JRPG / anime games).  So for $18, thought to I give it a go.  I always enjoy a strange title and with a twist concept.  My World My Way is no exception...
  5. Ultimacj

    Picture Limit

    So about 9 months into my project development, I've a bit into a disappointing snag.  It seems RM has the limit of only 100 pictures (why there's a limit of only 100 is beyond me).  How do you break this limit?  I've tried after hitting picture 100, showing the next picture aka with continue to...
  6. Ultimacj

    Event Touch

    My question is when I make a player touch event square (player can touch it) to trigger the event, unless "through" is check boxed on, why can't NPCS and such go through it?  Especially since it's a floor tile where the event is triggered.  However the player controlled NPC can easily go...
  7. Ultimacj

    Bravely Default, just finished final thoughts

    I just finished Bravely Default the other day for the NintendoDS.  Damn, that game was long (nearly 110 hours - but I also did about almost everything).  This was a fun title for the most part in comparison to other SE games I've played. Story: 8/10  Is very well thought out and a lot of the...
  8. Ultimacj

    Unexpected File Format (copying files)

    I had a similar issue to another thread about unexpected file formats (computer crashed while play testing /hurray for BSODS),  I followed the "solution" by copying all files but the project file itself (starting a new project keeping that project file and copy everything over). It seems to...
  9. Ultimacj

    Destiny of a Wizard 2: Beyond the Vale

    Hello again fellow RM players and makers!  UltimaCJ here letting you know I'm working on a sequel from my first game:  Destiny of a Wizard.  Destiny of a Wizard 2:  Beyond the Vale picks up from the previous events of the first game.  If you haven't played it yet and don't want to be spoiled. ...
  10. Ultimacj

    YS: Oath in Felghana

    Well I just finished another game remake:  YS:  Oath in Felghana.  This is somewhat of the remake of YS3 from the Super Nintendo era.  My final thoughts: The Bad: * Can't pause during boss battles! I'm not sure if this was in the orginal game since it's been so long, but um why?  I understand...
  11. Ultimacj

    DLC/Music Techincal Issue

    I've recently just purchased the Inspirational Soundtrack Vol 2 when I began using it, I notice the BGM does not play at all through map properties, it acts like there is none set for BGM. When I tried it through a parallel process, the music played but the game in test mode frame dropped...
  12. Ultimacj

    Full screen for HDMI (TVS)

    How do you enable full screen mode in on HDMI TVS? My laptop is sometimes hooked up to the HD TV via HDMI but when pressing alt+enter or even with the aid of a script nothing happens. If I hit alt+enter the tilesets on the right (above the map tree) blinks quickly and that's it.  If I try to...
  13. Ultimacj

    Worse Cliffhanger / Unresolved Ending

    What's the worst game ending that left you which such a cliffhanger you literately or almost dropped your controller and the game left you with your own conclusion to no resolve (were it could have EASILY had a sequel to follow it). Use spoilers incase one of us haven't played it yet, here's mine!
  14. Ultimacj

    Displaying Pictures

    When displaying pictures does RPG Maker treat it as a whole or for each individual map? When I first started my project, maps that used pictures started at picture 1, 2,3, and so forth. When I began a new map, I displayed an entirely new picture but since it was a new map it was set as picture...
  15. Ultimacj

    Destiny of a Wizard

    After over a year and half of hard work, Destiny of a Wizard has been officially published and released on!  Game Storyline:     Since the dawn of time, the power of the Blue Wizards  has been known to all folk. Life was peaceful for many years until an evil being known...
  16. Ultimacj

    Best message box use/font use?

    What's the best way to use the arrow guide naturally?  I know one represents if you use a portrait and the other if you don't but upon testing on different size monitors maker doesn't adjust for this (I have a 17" and 22" monitor respectfully).  Given the sizes of monitors and hundreds of...
  17. Ultimacj

    Bust Script -so many issues-

    I posted this as a status earlier, while I've ultimately gave up on the script because it caused so many problems I'll prob end up using just insert picture event instead, but if someone(s) can figure out why these multiple problems occurred I'd love to know why.  It took me quite sometime to...
  18. Ultimacj

    Title Music Plays after loading a save

    I'm working on my second project and I've ran into a snag and I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem? When I load a save file from my game, the title music still continues playing (even if BGM for that map is set to NONE or any other music the title music continues to play).  Unless...
  19. Ultimacj

    Copyright filing required?

    I've just about finished my project and already a business license established for it as well as getting a small web site and BMT Micro setup from the guides I've read up on.  However, the guides aren't quite clear (I may have over looked it) about copyright filing.  Is it safe to assume or...
  20. Ultimacj

    Hello all! (New yet somewhat old)

    Hello all, I'm UltimaCJ.  As you can see by my posts, I'm not a huge poster but I do read forums from time to time. About me:  I've always been a gamer at heart and my first system when i was 5 was an Atari 5200 and then Nintendo.  Yes I was on the "Nintendo" side not "Sega" side, sorry Sonic...

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