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  1. rpgdreamer

    Wrote a creepypasta to help show off my demo!

    I thought it would be interesting to do a reddit post with a creepy vibe in order to get my game out there. This is what I came up with! Any thoughts would be great, and upvotes even greater! Have any of you ever wrote a short story as a supplement to your game?
  2. rpgdreamer

    Need a Small Shinto Shrine/Torii for Ace

    Resource Type: Tile Maker Format: Ace Art Style: Ace or semi-realistic! Description: I'm in search of a traditional Japanese torri (those red shrine gates) and a hokora (miniature roadside shrine). It's supposed to be a small shrine in the middle of a haunted woods in Japan, so perhaps it...
  3. rpgdreamer

    TRADE Need Scripts for Ace; Can Supply Art, Mapping/Parallax, or Writing

    Engine: Ace for our scripting needs, but I also own VX and XP. Synopsis: The game is called Shoutai: Possession, a horror game that is influenced by Japanese horror styles. The game takes place in a haunted suicide forest called Shoutai Forest, where the main character, Ishiko, attempts to find...
  4. rpgdreamer

    Anyone listen to ASMR?

    I have a channel that I started a while back. It has a little over 600 followers now, and I have four videos up. I guess those were some good quality videos, hahaha. They're audio only, some are roleplay videos, and my last one was just me rambling about my time at the State Fair with my very...
  5. rpgdreamer

    Use Me to Bounce your Ideas Off Of!

    Hope this is in the right place or allowed, and, in an attempt to get more involved with the community: Hello, fellow RPG Maker enthusiasts! Whether it's for first game or your tenth, sometimes you find yourself with no one to turn to when you want to bounce of an idea, or want to talk through...
  6. rpgdreamer

    Parallax Map Shifting After Player Transfer

    Hello, community! I am in need of your help! I am using parallax mapping (via Yami's Overlay Script), and was having an awesome time, until I playtested a section, and noticed something was off. I have an event, in which in order to pass through a gate, the character must either hand over a...
  7. rpgdreamer

    RMVXA Shoutai: Possession [DEMO NOW AVAILABLE!]

    Shoutai: Possession is a mystery-thriller that puts you in the shoes of the social media starlet and influential gyaru girl Ishiko. During her return home from hanging out with her friends in the Japanese district Harajuku, she finds herself lost in the infamous suicide forest of Shoutai, with...
  8. rpgdreamer

    Entered a Game Jam n GameJolt!

    So I made my first game with my bff. It was for a game jam, just to see if we could do it and also not hate each other in the end, hahaha. It ended up being to the theme APOCALYPSE and so we made an escape room game. In it, however, you play as the zombie trying to escape from the lab to go...
  9. rpgdreamer

    RMVXA Dying to Party [Made for DreamHack Game Jam!]

    Made for GameJolt's 2017 DreamHack Game Jam! SYNOPSIS: Dying to Party is a single map escape room game made with RPGMaker VX Ace. Gary Hunts, or as he'd rather be called, G-Ary the Homie Z (and not Gair-Gair, as Aclairic likes to call him), wakes up during the zombie apocalypse. Of course, Gary...
  10. rpgdreamer

    Event Graphic not appearing

    Salutations! I'm having a bit of event trouble, and I cannot seem to find a solution for it. I have two events on screen, and I am having the first event Set Move Route to the second event so it moves on screen. Now, when I ask the event to move the first time, it does not appear, yet the...
  11. rpgdreamer

    Questions in regards to Yami's Overlay Mapping

    Hello there, fellow Makers! I'm currently having some trouble figuring out a couple of issues from Yami's Overlay Mapping script. That link will take you to the script I am using for parallax mapping. I am also lucky to have come across a pretty handy post someone made a couple of years back in...
  12. rpgdreamer

    And then it grows...

    Somehow I managed to make my first game simple... after many failed attempts. Now I'm on my second game, and, I decided to be a little more ambitious, especially since I had a partner working on it with me, and the idea was a reflection of the first project: main character, collects four...
  13. rpgdreamer

    FREE Need Voice Actors for Horror Game demo!

    Engine: ACE Synopsis: Shoutai: Possession is a psycho-thriller exploration game. You are put into the fashionable shoes of Elara, a trendy lolita who has found herself lost in the woods on her way home. You run into a mysterious girl who is a spirit of the suicide forest of Shoutai. In order...
  14. rpgdreamer

    Voice needed for Young Boy

    Resource Type: Audio; voice Maker Format: ACE Description: Hello! We are going into the production part of our demo. My friend Mikael is in charge of art, so I take care of everything else: script, putting together the game in ACE, etc. With that being said... We are needing a few lines and...
  15. rpgdreamer

    What kind of Demos do you prefer?

    I find game demos very interesting and there are a lot of ways to go about it. Is there any particular style you prefer or find interesting, and why?
  16. rpgdreamer

    Putting a Menu Script within a Menu Script?

    Hello! I am currently using mjshi's Non-Combat Menu for a game. It created a simple menu that looks like this: Items Save Shutdown Cancel This is just a list, but one can add whatever they wish as the words to select. In the game I am wanting to do, the menu is like this Items Cellphone...
  17. rpgdreamer

    Media Journal within Menu

    Well met, everyone! I'm looking here first in case there is an easier way to do this without requesting an entirely custom script altogether, so here it goes. Currently, I am using the Non-Combat Menu v1.04a by mjshi as the menu for a semi-survival-horror game I'm making. What I am wanting is...
  18. rpgdreamer

    Trees, flowers, stones... things in the forest!

    Resource Type: Tiles, I would assume. Brushes. Or graphics, even, since I will be doing parallax mapping. Maker Format: VX Ace Art Style: Ace? Something as close to the RPG Maker style as possible. Description: We are attempting to create some forests. Lots of them. The entire game is going...
  19. rpgdreamer

    Crafting or Conditions?

    Hello, everyone! I'm currently in the middle of a dilemma, and I'm just not sure where to go with the game I am currently doing. I'm pretty set with the plot and the style, but I'm not sure of the proper way to implement it. The game is where you play a witch, and she is in charge of...
  20. rpgdreamer

    Back Again After Hibernating

    Time sure flies! It's been a year since I finished my first game, and I've come back for round two. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone on the boards and look at whatever interesting projects are coming along! I wish everyone luck on their gaming adventures~! If you're interested in...

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