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  1. Fireseal

    Violent Whispers [Beta Version 0.4]

    Hello Dark_Metamorphosis, I downloaded your demo last night and finished playing it today. I must say it was a good hour and a half spent! The fights were tough at the beginning and a little grinding was required (which I love), and the boss battle(s) were engaging even with having a gained a...
  2. Fireseal

    RMVX Star Stealing Prince

    I'm about 2 hours into the game and I have to say I am loving it so far. The balance in fights isn't easy where you can win by only clicking attack, attack, attack... I love the IP bars! If you got that idea from Lufia 2... I will love you forever! :D Anyhow I am taking a break as I got...
  3. Fireseal

    Hello from a veteran!

    Hi Indinera, I've only had the pleasure of playing Deadly Sin and Laxius Power, but I must say I am truly impressed with the level of attention you've placed on both games. :)

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