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  1. DantonSlip

    Parallax mapping

    PARALLAX MAPPING (almost) Hi! I'll share here a simple way to make something that looks like a parallax. It will allow you to make beautiful maps easily! PREREQUISITS: - Photoshop (or Krita, CSP, Gimp, whatever you use to make your assets :LZSsmile: and if it's a first time for you, Krita...
  2. DantonSlip

    RMXP Moonlight Soldier

    Egan was the ancient captain of the royal army. He had been ordered to retire after failing in his last battle against the demon Lazeth. Injured and dishonored, Egan felt grim for decades in a small village away from the king's court. Meanwhile, free from his biggest opponent, Lazeth had...
  3. DantonSlip


    I, I'm Danton and I just realized that I never introduced myself. x) I'm what people call "an artist", but I prefer see myself as a random wanderer. I like drawing stuff so I tried lot of things: comics, illustration, concept art, animation, modelisation, etc. From all of that, I really enjoyed...
  4. DantonSlip

    Gallery of a Wanderer

    Hey, Here are some of my works I've done for some RPG Maker Games and other stuff (like comics or animation) from the more ancient to the more recent work.

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