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  1. Need help with an event, or a different implementation.

    My game's battle will all take place on the map in a "turn" based combat using variables to store enemy stats. Example: You walk up to a cow, you get engaged in combat, you have the options to Attack or Cancel (I want to add more commands.) When you press attack it uses stored variables to deal...
  2. Altering the formula for Speed.

    Hey, I've been searching around and I cannot figure out how to change the formula that speed uses. I know the formula is: Game_Action.prototype.speed = function() { var agi = this.subject().agi; var speed = agi + Math.randomInt(Math.floor(5 + agi / 4)); if (this.item()) {...
  3. Help with Target Scope?

    So I was testing out battles to balance out my skills and vary them and I ran into a problem that I can't seem to figure out myself. I'm trying to make everyone's basic attack actually worth using in certain situations. But the way the targeting scope works it's making having a basic attack...
  4. Bonuses to stats based on weapon choice.

    Does anyone know of a way to increase stats if a certain weapon is equipped? That sort of sounds confusing, but for example: Say I have a character that can choose a weapon proficiency, swords for example. It'll be in the form of a passive state and whenever they equip a sword they get a bonus...
  5. The rand function from VX ACE

    The rand(x) function no longer seems to work for me in MV, having to do with Ruby to JavaScript I'm assuming. Is there a function for MV that does the exact same thing?

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