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  1. InsaneCruz

    Hello, i am from Argentina

    Welp... I'm from Argenitna as well so there's at least three of us! Welcome!
  2. InsaneCruz

    LTN Games | Free & Premium Plugins | In Dev: Illuminate (Lighting System)

    Hello, I've been trying to use the Actor Stash Plugin, but everytime I try to initiate a new game, it gives me an error labelled as 'Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property "width" of undefined' wich I suppose comes from the parameter 'width' in the Temporary Stash Options. In addition, I have...

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A them/they in a forest... a still for the game I'm working on.
Making a blue-magic-heavy game is very fun but there's a lot of extra hassle as well. Balancing skills for both enemy and player usage isn't easy.
BTW everyone on staff who made the forum jump, thank-you! This time I am not panicked and lost all rounds.
I'm not searching for bugs, just pleasant surprises, for now on ^^
Been a while since I've been here, whoops. My computer's been acting really stupid so I wasn't able to work on my projects, but the good news is I've got a new one, meaning I can get back to work. And I've got a nice idea in mind, I'll just need to find some good scripts for the Aesthetic.

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