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  1. Chris Porter Music

    Looking for games to LP!

    Thank you so much for the compliment! I'm glad you felt the music in ikenie matched the atmosphere well. And thank you for checking out some of my other music on my site. By the way, I also composed the music for another game that @Kyuukon is currently making. I'm not at liberty to disclose...
  2. Chris Porter Music

    Looking for games to LP!

    Hey Steel and Teal, I composed the music for ikenie. Thanks so much for doing the LP of the game. I had a great time watching you suffer (in a good way) through the battles and puzzles. You exhibited far more patience than I did on my first playthrough. I remember far more curse words coming out...
  3. Chris Porter Music

    In need of a team for an RPG Horror Game

    I'll send you a message :)
  4. Chris Porter Music

    In need of a team for an RPG Horror Game

    Hey there! Are you in need of a composer again? 
  5. Chris Porter Music

    The Thing in the Basement [Recruitment]

    This project looks and sounds really great. I didn't see any mention of music in your description. Are you using stock music or are you looking for a composer to write an original soundtrack to the game? 
  6. Chris Porter Music

    Outcasts (Recruitment on Hold)

    I sent you a PM.
  7. Chris Porter Music

    Suddenly, I really want to compose music for a horror game!

    Suddenly, I really want to compose music for a horror game!
  8. Chris Porter Music

    Recruitment For RPG Survival Horror Game

    I've been looking to expand my experience and I've been itching to compose music for a horror game. I'd like to hear more about this game and see some screenshots if you have any available. I'll PM you :)
  9. Chris Porter Music

    ikenie - Now on Greenlight

    Thank you very much!
  10. Chris Porter Music

    ikenie - Now on Greenlight

    I hope you'll forgive this little bump, but our game (made in RPGMaker) went up on Steam Greenlight back in December and we're still waiting out the process. If you'd like to help us out, we'd appreciate if you could check out the game's page on Greenlight and give us a vote. Thank you so much...
  11. Chris Porter Music

    Blessed Seed: Tree of Life

    This looks like a really promising project! I love the look of the busts you have so far. You said that you aren't focused on music at the moment, but I'd be interested in speaking with you about composing the game's soundtrack when the time comes. Here's a link to my classifieds thread here on...
  12. Chris Porter Music

    [Recruitment Reset] Across the Night - Mystery/Horror RPG

    @Asininity Assassin: I sent you a PM  :)
  13. Chris Porter Music

    What is your most anticipated game coming out this year?

    I'd have to say I'm really looking forward to No Man's Sky. I don't even own a console from this generation yet, but I'm pretty sure that I'll be picking up a PS4 for this game. I have a feeling that the game won't live up to the hype, but it's still going to be a groundbreaking game simply for...
  14. Chris Porter Music

    SNES games

    If you haven't played any SNES RPGs, you really need to play Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI. Those two games are the pinnacle of RPGs for that generation (in my opinion). Also, Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past is a wonderful action/RPG. 
  15. Chris Porter Music

    Will console gaming slowly get replaced by PC gaming?

    I don't know if consoles will be completely replaced, but I think there's a strong argument for PC gaming to largely take over. It's getting less and less necessary for there to be new consoles released each generation since most games are released on all of the systems anyway, often with...
  16. Chris Porter Music

    ikenie - Now on Greenlight

    We're thrilled the game is finally up on Steam Greenlight and ready to go! We just need help from the RPG Maker community to get us there. If you'd like to help it get on the Steam Marketplace, please help us out with a vote. Thanks, everyone!
  17. Chris Porter Music

    A Kingdom by the Sea Recruitment

    The screenshots for your game look beautiful. Extremely impressive!  I didn't see a music composer in the list of credits. Are you looking to bring someone on to write the soundtrack for the game? 
  18. Chris Porter Music

    In need of a team for an RPG Horror Game

    Hello, I'm wondering if you're still looking for a composer for your game. Here's a link to my post in the 'Classifieds - Offers' section of this forum. There's some information about me and several links to my music. ...
  19. Chris Porter Music

    Games that had a powerful effect on you

    As a composer, I'd have to say Xenogears, Wild Arms, and Final Fantasy VII, specifically their soundtracks, had a huge influence on me becoming a game music composer. 

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