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  1. The Florana Princess

    Store downloads no longer available

    As I unfortunately had my hard drive wiped, I lost most of the resource packs I had saved (bought from the forum store). When I try to re-download them it comes up with an error that the link is false (i.e the file isn't there any more). When I go to the rpg maker website my purchases from the...
  2. The Florana Princess

    Events facing the wrong direction

    I couldn't find anything in the forums that ascertains to this problem. I was happily working on my game and every thing was going smoothly. I then play tested what I had. The first couple of maps were fine, then BAM, the next two maps have all of my decorative characters facing upwards. I...
  3. The Florana Princess

    Tips needed: How do I stay motivated?

    So I've been working on a game for close to 7 years now. The story is perfect, the characters are well-developed..... ...and that's about it. Every time I create a map or event a scene I hate my own work and leave it for sometimes months on end, then I attempt to start all over again! It's a...
  4. The Florana Princess

    Galge Conversation Script - Name window problem

    As you can see from my screen shot, I'm having a problem trying to customize the name window box to match my window skin. I'm unsure if this is actually possible in Galge Conversation but I thought I'd double check. Is there any way I can make the the window match the skin? Thanks in advance...
  5. The Florana Princess

    Map Copy-Paste Error

    So I decided to re-start my game completely a couple of weeks ago, and I've just fired up VX Ace a few minutes ago in two separate windows, one for my old game and one for my new edit. I've copy-pasted a number of maps already and they've pasted into the new project just fine. Today however I'm...
  6. The Florana Princess

    Font Outline

    I've been trawling through the windows_base and I can't seem to find anywhere to get rid of the default outline around my text. I just want standard text with nothing fancy around it, as it wrecks the feel of the window and makes the text harder to read. I tried putting this script above main...

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