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  1. Gabrepasta

    I can't get Bobstah's Custom Stats to work

    I am using Bobstah's Custom Stats plug-in for weapon stats, like the sharpness of a sword or the defense against cuts from certain armor. Unfortunately, the my game does not appear to actually read those stats. No matter what I do, no damage will be afflicted when using those stats. An example...
  2. Gabrepasta

    SRD_EquipCompareUpgrade and BOB_CustomStats compability issues

    I am using the EquipCompareUpgrade to customize the stats shown in the equip window. Some of these states I want to display are custom-stats created via BOB_CustomStats and are applied to weapons. The result of trying to display these custom stats is this (stat names are in german): As you...
  3. Gabrepasta

    [Solved] What is the "call" for Attackspeed?

    So, every parameter has a title you call it by. For Attack for example, you use "atk" in damage formula and script-calls. But what do I need to use if I want to call upon the Attackspeed stat that your equip weapons and armor apply? Say I need it to evaluate a variable.
  4. Gabrepasta

    [SOLVED] Poblem with SumRndmDde's "Equip Compare Upgrade" plug-in

    The script is supposed to help me make changes to the stats displayed in the equipment-window and how they are displayed. BUT if the plug-in is active, I get what is shown in the image (the text is German). As you can see, the window that is supposed to show the stats is just not there and I...
  5. Gabrepasta

    An Event that let's the players switch titles

    So here's the deal... The player is leveling up on a separate map, where you can choose between 3 different Power-Ups per level. These Power-Ups are "Strength", "Magic" and "Agility". Choose a power up and you get a buff on some stats and a variable will increase for that stat. Have the right...
  6. Gabrepasta

    Bobstah's custom stats not working for damage formula

    I am using Bobstah's Custom Stats plug-in, but the added custom stats do not work in the damage formula, making the skills they are included in do 0 damage. I will describe how I set up the custom stats on the example of srf and fst. In the Actor note tag I added: <CustomStat: srf=0>...
  7. Gabrepasta

    LTN Core problem with battles (Solved)

    I am using the LTN Core plug-in together with LTN Item Categories to customize the well... Item categories. But the LTN Core causes this problem: This happens when I try to start a battle. My knowledge with JavaScript is not vast enough to understand where the problem lies exactly.
  8. Gabrepasta

    Custom Parameters in Equip-Window

    I use Bobstah's script for custom parameters to create some more parameters for weapons and JahwsUF's StatusMenuCore to display these (and some default parameters) in the status menu. Since I use these custom parameters for weapons, I of course want them also to be displayed in the equipment...
  9. Gabrepasta

    A little problem with graphic images

    So... I want to this wagon to, but this is what the graphic select screen looks like. I think the issue is quite obvious. The graphic is called $wagon. Do I need to alter the picture size or anything?
  10. Gabrepasta

    Getting Extra Parameters into Equip and Shop Window

    I am using Crystal Engine - Extra Stats for 6 stats that are solely depending on your armor and weapon a character has equipped. Therefore I need these stats to show up in the equip and shop window so the player actually knows what he is equipping and buying. Is there a way to do that and maybe...
  11. Gabrepasta

    Help with N.A.S.T.Y Extra Stats [SOLVED]

    I have recently gone back to playing around with VX Ace and ran into a little problem with the script mentioned in the title. I have created stats for weapons that increase the damage of, for example, thrusting and slicing abilities (named shrp for "sharp" and thrs for "thrust"). I have also...
  12. Gabrepasta

    Demon- & Angel Enemy sprites.

    I am making a little RPG on VX Ace and need some enemy-Battler-graphics for angels and demons. They do not need to look spectacular. No awesome weapons or shiny light around them. Just basic swords or spears, may axes. The basic stereotype angelic wings and the demos do not even need wings at...

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