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  1. Stridah

    TRADE Eternal Conflict high level tile creator looking for scripter-eventer-engine master

    Hey guys, So i have created a mostly custom tile set from scratch, that looks really good! I have mapped out the majority of my game, and was working with a great coding guy who unfortunately was unable to proceed with the project at about half completion... This left me in a bad situation...
  2. Stridah

    How to come back from a failed project?

    Hi guys, It has been a while since i have been involved in the RPG Maker community & lately i have been spending a lot of time thinking about my game & all of the time and resources i have put into trying to make my dream game a reality. I have been working on one specific game for a few...
  3. Stridah

    TRADE Eternal Conflict Recruiting Lead Eventer

    New Information here guy! I am currently looking to add a highly skilled eventer to our team, our head programmer has had to take a back seat since beginning his career as a doctor leaving us in a bit of a pickle. Currently we have 80% of the main story line quests in the game with a variety...
  4. Stridah

    Eternal Conflict

  5. Stridah

    Event above parallax layer

    Hi guys, So i have been looking for a script for us parallax mappers that allows us to place an event above our "par" layer with oranges parallax script.  What i was trying to do today was have my bird events fly over my tree tops etc, however as far as i can tell you can not set the event...
  6. Stridah

    Script to have event appear above parallax layer

    So i have been searching the plugins forums for a solution or js plugin to help me solve this problem, on ACE this was not an issue however i have not been able to find a solution so far for MV. Here is the issue, when parallax mapping you of course have layers, now i need my birds and air...
  7. Stridah

    Specific Help With Lighting Effects

    Hi guys,  So i am having a very specific problem with some parallax map lighting, i am going to be as  specific as possible and provide as much detail as possible to try to solve this problem.  Please provide specific instructions for dummys as i used a tutorial to do this and am still...
  8. Stridah

    [ACE] Help with Viktor's Follower's Control

    HI all, I am wondering if anyone can help to solve this problem for me, i have spent the last several hours experimenting, raging and banging my head against the keyboard. So i have evented utilizing Viktor's follower command scripts.  It work wonderfully except for one problem or bug that i...
  9. Stridah

    Quick question regarding Victor's Light Script

    Hi all, Quick question i have installed Victor's Light Script to add some lighting to my game (I parallax map everything) & a problem i am running into is that the light is going through ceilings, walls etc.  Now if i use the rtp tile set the light behaves as it should stopping at the top of...
  10. Stridah

    Eternal Conflict Recruiting!

  11. Stridah

    Looking for original mac sprite template

    Hey all, I am wondering if anyone has the original template for the mac style sprites (not the looseleaf generator).  I will post a sample image of an original mac.
  12. Stridah

    Requesting dead mac "style" sprites

    Hey all, So i have been searching through the internet looking for some "dead" mac style sprites & i am now convinced that they are not out there (even grandmadeb doesn't know of any).  I am looking for someone who can make a dead mac sprite.  The map i need them for is an over run mine so i am...
  13. Stridah

    Looking for "Dead" Mac Style Sprites

    Hey everybody, I have been hunting the internet (including many japanese sights) in search of some "dead" mac sprites.  I have a large file of normal standing mac sprites however have had little luck finding any lieing down or killed.  At some point i will be hiring a spriter but i was hoping...
  14. Stridah

    Help needed on yanfly's message system

    Hey, I was hoping someone could provide some insight for me quickly on a problem I am having.  I am using this script to make my message system appear how it should in vx ace.
  15. Stridah

    Quick question on taking tile set out of xp

    So quick question, I got xp just so I can use the tiles in my game (if I ever go commercial) I am wondering how I either pull the tilesets out of game to parallax map (I map in gimp) or if they are online any where I have only been able to find the outdoor tiles on inquisitors web page.
  16. Stridah

    Half of a tile move able (pixel based movement)

    So i have a quick question for you guys,  i have been reading alot on scripts lately and i was thinking of utilizing victor's pixel based movement script as my first real go at scrippting.  My question is, would pixel based movement allow me to make half of a tile moveable.  For instance if i...
  17. Stridah

    Using multiple tile sets in same game

    Hey all, Quick question I am wondering what the general opinion is on using multiple tilesets in the same game.  The problem I am having is every tile set I find is missing a key element that I need for my game.  So I was thinking of mixing mack and inquisitor tiles together.  Good or bad idea?

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